Fan Yu-Ting
Taipei, Taiwan 1994 
 PM | UX Design | UX Research | PR
 Social Psychology, User Experience Research, Project Management


  • National Chiao Tung University | MA of Communication 
  • 交通大學 傳播所碩士
  • National Cheng Chi University | BA of Journalism
  • 國立政治大學 新聞系學士


  • LINE Bank | Channel Planning 
  • 連線商業銀行 通路規劃與經營部 專員
  • UXI Design | PM, UX Researcher 
  • 遊石設計 PM兼研究員


LINE Bank, Channel Planning

Oct 2020 ~ 現在

遊石設計有限公司, PM and UX researcher

Dec 2019 ~ Apr 2020


In LINE Bank

Channel Planning Specialist
Oct, 2020 - now
In charge of UX planner and designer, Routinely CMS content operation, Project management assistant

  • UX planner and designer
  • Project management assistant
  • Routinely CMS content operation

In UXI Design

PM, UX Researcher
Dec, 2019 - May, 2020
In charge of Project Manager, UX Researcher

  • Project Manager:
    [Pharmaceutical History Searching System Improvement Study]
    Qualitative Research
    Usability Test, Heuristic Evaluation, Card Sorting

  • UX Researcher:
    [BiKonnect App Development Report]
    Quantitative survey: KANO Model Analysis


Social Psychology, User Behavior Study
Sep, 2017 - Jan, 2019

  • On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink: Exploring How Sense of Belonging Moderates the Effect of Conformity on Purchase Intention

    Conformity, Instagram, TRA, Sense of belonging, Social media, Brand attitude

  • Humans are social animals, and therefore are susceptible to opinions and action of other people, resulting in conformity. In the digital age, conformity manifests itself from the physical communities to the virtual communities.The present work was designed to investigate how conformity predicts purchase decision for a brand, on the platform of Instagram. Possibly, people with lower sense of belonging felt insecure, and their susceptibility to normative influence could predict how much they thought they must comply with other people; as the sense of belong increased, they did not think that they must do something to fulfill other people’s expectations.

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