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thingnario 成立於 2017 年,以「轉化工業領域知識,以軟體與系統降低傳承成本、提升效率、準確度與產值」為使命,藉由結合台灣各式隱形冠軍,尤其是工業、製造業的「老師傅經驗」與我們專長的巨量資料架構、影像處理、人工智能、資訊架構設計等技術,無形且萬變的經驗法則得以收斂轉化爲數據、參數;反之,面對看似平凡毫無意義的數字、資料,得以一窺背後隱藏的寶貴資訊,創造 OT 與 IT 鏈結價值。



Lightup Studio 認為,要想揭開這層神秘的面紗,經由巧妙的視覺溝通;降低相互了解的門檻是必不可少的,而在這次的視覺中,我們將重點資訊與圖示相互結合,採用大量的 icon 以輔助客戶更好地理解文字內容,將 thingnario 能帶給客戶的價值,用更加具象化的方式呈現出來,而插圖及品牌色的應用則能體現出視覺導覽的效果,使受眾能循序漸進地了解 thingnario 的「方案運作流程」、「方案特點」、「能源管理平台的眾多優勢」及「我們為世界帶來的改變」,再經由現場人員的說明,讓客戶在這段簡短的歷程中,了解 thingnario 的價值所在。

此專案是 thingnario 與 Lightup Studio 於去年展開初次合作的成果,後續我們也與 thingnario 同仁協力進行了 Brand Identity 及 Brand Culture Book 的品牌視覺改造計畫,期待能盡快跟大家分享!

Designer l Steve Chou

Design Agency l Lightup Studio

Client l thingnario 慧景科技




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Design Concept

In order to effectively convey the various improvements made by Google Maps to enhance user experience, the design of this infographic takes inspiration from a roadmap. This choice of imagery not only reinforces the central theme but also adds a lively and youthful touch to the overall design.

The roadmap format serves as a visual metaphor for guiding readers through the 12 key features of Google Maps. Just as Google Maps guides you from point A to point B, our infographic will guide you from top to bottom, mirroring the natural and intuitive flow of electronic device users. This design ensures that you can seamlessly and effortlessly explore the entire infographic.

Designer l Steve Chou

Agency l Era Ogilvy Public Relations

Client l Google




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Brand Introduction

The history between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party contributed to the relocation of National Palace Museum (NPM) artifacts to Taiwan and the artifacts subsequently becoming a crucial part of Taiwan's culture. A review of the NPM's history shows that it has inherited China's national culture spanning thousands of years and shoulders the responsibility of preserving and publicizing artifacts. Most of the artifacts from the NPM's collection came from Preparatory Department of the National Central Museum. Of the said artifacts, the majority was previously owned by the Jehol and Shenyang temporary palaces. This signifies that the NPM's current artifact collection contains Qing court artifacts from The Palace Museum, the Jehol temporary palace, and the Shenyang temporary palace.

Design Concept

Using a modern typeface as the primary framework, symbolizing the contemporary era, we incorporate strokes from ancient script styles such as seal script, clerical script, cursive script, and regular script, connecting the transitions in time from ancient to the present.

The background is composed of irregular swirling curves and stacked noise particles to evoke a sense of space, echoing the wormhole hypothesis proposed by Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen in the 1930s. Through the connection of wormholes, humanity's long-cherished dream of time travel is realized. In Taiwan, simply entering the National Palace Museum is like stepping into a tunnel that links time and space. In the National Palace Museum, there is no longer any separation between the future and the past.

In the main visual poster, a humorous perspective is employed to reinterpret the stories behind the exhibits, creating a strong contrast between the whimsical speculations of modern individuals and the artifacts. Within the space of the National Palace Museum, this approach generates unexpected and engaging narratives.

Designer l Steve Chou

Agency l Era Ogilvy Public Relations

Client l National Palace Museum







Taichung City 戶籍資料袋

Client / 台中市政府







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