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During my college life, I gradually knew the industry that I want to engage in is computer science, so I took the course which is about computer science. Hopefully I can develop in the field someday; I also love life and enjoy challenges. Solving problems is a greatest sense of achievement in my mind. Thinking makes me more creative.

Work Experience

英丰寶資訊科技, Full Stack Engineer, Sep 2021 ~ Dec 2021

Using JQuery to build the RWD website used to establish e- commerce. 

Using graphql & restful API to request data from backend.

igcar愛駒資訊, Full Stack Engineer(Intern), Jul 2020 ~ Oct 2020 

Using Wordpress, WooCommerce, front end Vue, back end Express ,DataBase mySQL to build a web of e-commerce. Debug web app which is built by Vue and Cordova.

Research assistant, 台大土木營建管理組 , Jul 2020 - Jan 2021

Using Keras, predicts weather and adds uncertainty to the model. In order to store enough ice that is used by air conditioning system in the building in the off-peak time. Organizing literature data and assisting in data analysis.

Summer Internship, 台大土木電腦輔助工程組 , Jul 2019 - Aug 2019

Using Rhino's kit, Grasshopper, to develop API which can build bridge model fast by input some parameter, such as bridge type, bridge deck


Department of Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University

- NTU man's basketball team player 

- NTUCE basketball team player 

- Graduate Student Association Event Planning 

- NTUCE Camp counselor

Taipei Municipal Songshan Senior High School

- Students’ Association Public Relations Department 

- Mass Communication Club Equipment Section 

- Janitorial Section's hall monitor


Programming Language












Sketch up 








I entered the Department of Civil Engineering at the university because my mother was engaged in a related industry, but when I was in the freshman year, the department had a JAVA course arrangement. The first time I contacted the program, I was quite frustrated at the beginning. As the course progressed, I studied more harder. And I spent time on the Internet to study relevant information. By the end of the semester, I was finally able to get through it, and thus buried my enthusiasm for programming.


After entering the second and third grades, there were more and more professional courses in the civil engineering department. I gradually found that I did not like mechanics calculations and so on. On the contrary, the programs gave me more attractiveness, so I took the classes, such as algorithm, data structure, operation system, etc. However, I did not expect that these theories are more difficult than imagined. At the same time, I also need to handle the civil engineering class. Although, I kept asking friends and professors in department of computer science. I spent a lot of time thinking and implementation, and finally put those basic knowledge firmly in my mind. With learned more techniques, my determination to become a CS engineer is more powerful.


After graduating, it took a lot of effort to find a CS job because I did no have practical experience. At the same time, it made more difficult to find a job because I was waiting for the military order. Fortunately, I met a supervisor who is also a civil engineer change to a computer science engineer and he was willing to give me time to learn and teach me some web knowledge. Until I doing the military service, I had become a qualified full stack engineer and completed the establishment of the e-commerce website that the company will use in the future.


I spent time to learn another front end tools, React, and use it to build up my personal page.

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