Chung Wei-Sheng



La vie est drôle

Life is interesting.

About Me

Easy-going, with some humor.

Love music, anime, and the trivia that may not come in handy for a whole life.

Since 2015, I have worked as frontend research developer for almost 8 years. (including student time

Slowly get to the point of if you know one thing so well,

there's not going to be too hard to understand the others.

Even though sometimes feeling numb about tracing new stuff, 

but also feel lucky about myself that I can keep up with the frontend trend.

Started from no-framework generation, which makes me know well about the framework concept.

Due to the work division, 

the products which focus on animation are incomparable with the past.

But on the other hand,

I have a great advancement in framework, pure functional, project structure and performance stuff.


Everything has its own place and function.

Keep coding to solve the smallest inconvenience in life, still

Contact Me

  [email protected]

  +886 956639361




Including es5 and es6

Familiar with modules and async events

Concept of call by value and call by reference

Knowledge of prototype chain and closure

Familiar with browser storage and devtools


Flexible application of css-like selector and code tracing skill



studying windicss recently.

Frameworks & Packages

 Vue / Nuxt

✓master (vue2)

Including SPA and pure static Vue.js.

Experience of Vue2 and Vue3.

Experience of both vuex and pinia about store

Experience of tuning Webpack and Vite

Experience of tuning performance.

Knowledge of dividing components.


△ Learning

With the knowledge of Vue,

the next familiar framework is on the way.


experience of pnpm, axios, moment, lodash, elementUI, sweetalert, json-server, chanceJS, etc.

Others Skills



Familiar with Git flow and relative commands.

Familiar with submodule and worktree usage.

Familiar with recovery situation and its solutions.

Experience of status reset flow with Gitlab CI/CD.

Company Git lecturer presentation


Experience of implementing build/deploy script

Go with docker and Jenkins create workflow

Create a custom script for quick project setup.


Experience of writing Dockerfile for Gitlab CI/CD

Create custom basic docker-image as default layer


Frontend Research Developer

Paradise-soft  Sep 2017 - May 2022, 4 years 8 months

  • Maintenance and refactoring of old website

Transfer Knockout.js to Vue, and transfer MVC architecture to SPA step by step.

  • Implement/Optimize the cache system of each layer

Cache the unchanged section, update needed part only. Handle building machine's memory usage.

  • Formulate reusability rules and their constructors

Create components which follow specific rules, so other RDs can pick them up quickly and get hints when the way they use components is incorrect.

  • Formulate version control system and build/deploy rules

Planning monorepo building flow, custom build/deploy flow of each project. Create a rollback system when there's something going wrong.

  • New project planning and basic configuration setting

Create a basic project folder structure like route, store and eslint config. Also, refactor old projects to the same structure.

  • Performance tuning for old and new projects 

Get rid of unreasonable rendering and code re-sorting. Substantially increased render performance and code readability.

  • Git and Javascript lecturer


Frontend Research Developer

Fashionguide • Oct 2016 - Jul 2017, 9 months

  • Slicing layout with css and html.
  • Call backend API, then bind them to the website.
  • Maintenance and refactoring of old websites.
  • Implement a reusable function library.
  • New feature research and implement.

Lecturer of Frontend

University of Taipei • Sep 2016

Introduce the basic concept of html, css and javascript.

Student of University of Taipei

University of Taipei  Sep 2011 - Jun 2015

First prize in the social network analysis course group competition. In charge of frontend.

As assistant teacher of social network analysis course next grade.

Internship in Pixnet (half year)

Participate Project


Large number of requests in a short time.

According to lots of game types, flexibility and reusability are the key points.

Sport Lottery

The odds of a game may change very frequently. 

So we do a lot of work on socket receiving and rendering performance tuning.

Marketing Sites

Sites for increasing exposure.

Not only the game introduction, but also provides an HTML widget for users to promote their sites.

Agent System

Pyramid-like level system.

Profit counting and how to handle the layer-upon-layer system are the key points.

Compound Entry Website

Combine lottery, sport lottery and agent system, like a monorepo.

Because this project is created by MVC architecture first, how to refactor and combine with SPA subprojects or even only combining SPA components is a big deal.

Backstage and Report

Almost every project has its own backstage.

Including money transfer apply,  deposit/withdraw method, statistic chart, front site setting and permission tree.

Build Script Unify

Things go wild when the number of projects increases.

Go with Jenkins, implement section updates, build resource cache/shared and error catch.

Flash Campaign Website

Campaign websites for holidays or festivals, like Mother's Day or summer vacation.

Including sign-up event and small psychological test game.

Side Projects

Keep refactoring and continue to increase.

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