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Des CV personnalisables et une interface intuitive font de Cake une plateforme de choix pour les entreprises. Grâce à une approche plus proactive que d'autres plateformes de recrutement, nous pouvons trouver les talents adéquats et contacter des candidats internationaux pour améliorer notre taux de recrutement.
HR Specialist
Yahoo logo
L'interface et les outils de recherche de Cake sont clairs et faciles d'utilisation, les modèles de CV et les outils de gestion nous ont permis de trouver le bon candidat pour notre environnement de travail et les besoins de notre entreprise. Cake est la plateforme de recrutement de la prochaine génération.
Wei-Fan Chen
Fourdesire logo
La simplicité des CV Cake met en évidence les qualités des candidats mais aussi, permet aux recruteurs de directement déceler les compétences des candidats. C'est prometteur d'avoir recruté avec succès en si peu de temps ! Grâce à Cake, nous pouvons contacter les candidats d'autres plateformes et diversifier nos sources.
Senior HR Specialist
Trend Micro
Trend Micro logo
L'interface de Cake est propre, son créateur de CV est de plus en plus fonctionnel. Les entreprises peuvent maintenant évaluer les candidats selon le design et la conception de leur CV. Nous avons contacté et interviewé quelques candidats sur Cake et ils étaient bien. Cake apporte une autre manière pour chercher de talentueux candidats et nous sommes impatients de voir les avantages que cela va nous apporter !
HR Specialist
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Cake help me find a job?

With Cake, you can

How can employers, headhunters and other find me on Cake?

Employers, talent search consultants, and others can find you via your public Cake profile information, Meet Profile, Resume Wall, and Portfolio Wall. If you're an employer in search of talent to join your team, please reach out to our talent search consultant team.

How can I create a resume on Cake for free?

Cake provides an easy-to-use online resume builder with multiple ATS-friendly resume templates and snippets that are 100% free.

How can I expand my professional network using Cake?

By creating a profile on Cake, you can easily build your personal brand and attract employers or other talent to see you. Additionally, you can use Meet on the Cake mobile app to connect with corporate employers, headhunters, job seekers, industry leaders, and students/interns, expanding your professional network.

How does Cake protect my personal data?

Cake offers a range of privacy settings for resumes and personal files, allowing you to delete your data from the Cake platform at any time. For further assistance, contact our customer service team by sending a message or email [email protected] to make specific requests. For details on how Cake protects users' personal data, refer to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

What tools is backed by Cake AI?

Cake AI supports job seekers throughout their journey with tools like an AI resume health check, AI cover letter generator, and timely recommendations for suitable job vacancies.

How can I receive job opening notifications from Cake?

When searching for vacancies on Cake, you can save your desired filter criteria. Cake will regularly notify you of new vacancies that match your criteria. Additionally, Cake's AI recommendation system suggests job openings tailored to your job search needs. Download our mobile app to stay updated on important job vacancy information.

Do I need to pay for any of these tools?

All tools on Cake are free, including the job search portal and portfolio creation tool. You can create and download a resume for free. For additional features such as creating multiple resumes and accessing advanced resume tools, please refer to our resume builder pricing plan.