Francisco Alberto Garza Vargas

Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Based in Monterrey, Mexico, Francisco Alberto Garza Vargas is an accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist. He maintains executive leadership positions with a number of business entities he has established over the course of his diverse 35-year career. Francisco Alberto Garza Vargas has served in roles such as president of the 5-Diez AC Foundation, a student support organization that engages in a variety of philanthropic activities and grant services.

Under the leadership of Mr. Vargas, the 5-Diez AC Foundation focuses on fifth and sixth year primary school students, as well as first year secondary school students. In addition, it provides support for the duration of a student’s professional studies. Per Mr. Vargas’ direction, the foundation recognizes student excellence in the areas of both academics and community engagement.

In 2019, his 5-Diez AC Foundation supported 300 students in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon as part of a collaboration with the Ministry of Education. Prior to embarking on his career, Francisco Alberto Garza Vargas earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the Universidad Autonoma de Monterrey, graduating in 1983.

San Pedro Garza Garcia, N.L., MX

Work Experience

Jan 1981 - Present

Self Employed Entrepreneur


Jan 1979 - Jan 1983

Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Universidad Autonoma de Monterrey

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