Francisco Hernandez

Software Engineer / Bilingual

[email protected]

An experienced entrepreneur and innovative software engineer offering full software development lifecycle from concept to delivery implementing the latest methodologies. 

iOS Engineer level ii skilled at writing clean, testable, and efficient code using Swift,  ObjC, C# with Xamarin Forms.


  • API'S

  • OBJ-C

  • C#

Work Experience

MI Clima

iOS Engineer 

October  2020 – January 2021                    Gig Harbor, WA

From life cycle to concept Mi Clima is a designed weather location app with positive affirmations, for customers daily use. Worked on Core Data, AccuWeather API, Worked with Swift 5to create iOS application,  XCode storyboard for UI Implementations .


iOS Engineer

February 2020 – October  2020                        Gig Harbor, WA

App Created for Special Needs individuals to communicate easy commands non-verbally. Used XCode storyboards to create UI for all iPhones. Collaborated with a designer to build from custom framework to deployment. With over 1100 downloads across the world. Stop-EZ can be found in the app store

Compass Herbs

Ruby on Rails Developer

June 2020 – August 2020                              Gig Harbor, WA

Self created blog from scratch to deployment, collaborating with a designer using the latest languages Ruby with Ruby on Rails as a custom blog with innovative technologies. 

Making Memories By The Mile

Ruby on Rails Developer

November 2019 – March 2020           Gig Harbor, WA

This Blog is a custom build from custom framework to follow a family with individual pages on their travels through an interactive map, photos, videos, written content and feedback, Implements security features for privacy, using Geolocation, user restrictions, email verifications, authentications, build with Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Bootstrap/CSS. 

F&R Property Enhancements


January 2013 – December 2018           Gig Harbor, WA

An eco friendly construction company -
day to day operations, marketing, finance, labor, team mentoring and management


2018 - 2021

XAMARIN FORMS-------Certified Xamarin Forms Developer

Educated in Xamarin.Forms to built  pages, layouts, and controls to build and design mobile apps from a single API that is highly extensible. Subclass any control to customize their behavior or define your own controls, layouts, pages, and cells to make your app pixel perfect. To develop native mobile application to both android and iOS platforms.

iOS ENGINEER------Certified iOS Engineer

Knowledge in iOS development. Developing an app according to requirements and specs. Collaborating with development resources (both internal and external). Implementing new technologies and methodologies to maximize development efficiency.

WEB DEVELOPER-----Certified Web Developer

Web Developer certification

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