Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning

by Albert Einstein

Wei-Cheng Lin 


[email protected]
Location: Taipei, Taiwan

IC/Web Designer,Photographer

Hi !. I come from beautiful Formosa Island,Taiwan. I'm an IC designer, web designer, and photographer. 2015, I were an exchange student in the University of Minnesota, Twin City.

My life changed a lot at that time. I met so many good people, and also at there I feel photography really helps me to approach life like an explorer - curious and open. It teaches me to slow down, pay attention and find beauty moments in our world ! It gives me a deep appreciation for the world around me. Hope u enjoy my first photography book!


Master's degree, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Biomedical & Electrical Engineering,  Taiwan, 2015-2017.
Exchange, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, U.S.
Computer Science & Engineering, 2014-2015.
Bachelor's degree, Chang Gung University, Taiwan
Electrical Engineering, 2011-2014.

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        A. Ic Design: Cell-Based, SystemVerilog, Design-Compiler, IC-Compiler, SOC-Encounter, APR, FPGA
        B. Programming Languages: Android SDK, Javascript, PHP, Python, Java, Matlab, HTML, CSS, C++ 
        C. DataBase & Server: WAMP, Apache, MySQL, SQL
        D. Art: Black & White Photography Portrait, Photoshop, Bridge (Art Director: Eric William Carroll)
        E. Version Control: Git



 Graduate Student Researcher - SocLab526
 Research field: System-on-Chip (SoC), VLSI Design, director : Dr. Herming Chiueh
 National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan, 2015-2017.


 Cell-Based IC Physical Design & Verification with IC Compiler - Certificate Ref.No.1051087, 
  National Chip Implementation Center - Training Program, Taiwan, 2016.03


 Logic Synthesis with Design Compiler - Certificate Ref.No.1050947,                                                                                  National Chip Implementation Center - Training Program, Taiwan, 2016.03


 Self-Learner - My Codecademy Profile
 Since knew this Self-learning Web company, keep learning programming languages by myself till now. 

 Now 6 skilled completed, got 65 Badges and reached 653 total points. Codecademy Web, 2014-2015.


 Android App Development - Certificate Ref.No.2580015,                                                                                             Join and learn in Information Systems Training Program of NTU   ( National Taiwan University ),                                                            NTU Information Systems Training Program, Taiwan, 2015 08-09.


  PHP + MySQL Development - Certificate Ref.No.2590033 - InstantCam Project
  Join and learn in Information Systems Training Program of NTU( National Taiwan University ), 
  NTU Information Systems Training Program, Taiwan, 2015 08-09.


 Photographer - My Photography Web

 directed by Minnesota local photographer, Eric William Carroll, Minnesota-Twin City, US, 201409-201506. 


SMIMS Student FPGA Internship,                                                                                                                                         SMIMS Technology Corp, Taiwan, 2014 06-08.


  Undergraduate Student Researcher
  Research field: Noise-Tolerant Circuits Design, Low Power VLSI Design, director : Dr.I-Chyn Wey
  Chang Gung University, 2013-2014.

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