Chien-Che (Frank) Hung

Student •  Data Analyst •   Photographer • [email protected]



  • Fluent in English
  • Native in Mandarin


  • R
  • Python
  • Julia
  • SQL
  • Java,
  • SPSS
  • Latex


  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Competitive Swimming
  • Weight-lifting


University of Toronto,2017/09 - Present

Major: Statistical Science Specialist

Work Experience

University of Toronto Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work , Research Assistant

Oct 2018 ~ Sep 2019

  • Assisted the team in collecting survey on minorities’ drug usage and the early stage of Photo Voice Project
  • Analyzed and increased accuracy of statistical tests results drawn from survey data by implementing varying models such as Generalized Linear Model in R and SSPS Statistics 
  • Utilized data visualization skills on the results from the analysis using Excel

HomeBox, Sales Intern

 Jun 2017 ~ Sep 2017

  • Worked in a ten-person team to develop online store marketing strategies
  • Curated four categories of photo and video sets promoting products and services
  • Boosted purchases up to 150 a week following the online store launch

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Where I explore my interests and develop them

Human Computer Interaction Project (UX) – BRANCH

  • Led a 6-person team on developing a design that aims to foster relationship-building in an academic setting, whether it is to form friendships or study groups in class.
  • Implemented User Experience (UX) process in creating the final design such as user-researching, prototyping, and testing.

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Neural Network on MNIST Handwritten Digits Dataset (Julia Language)

  • Implemented and investigated the Autoencoding Variational Bayes on binarized MNIST digits
  • Utilized evidence lower bound (ELBO) to approximate the posterior of the latent variables and optimize the parameters in the neural network through gradient descent
  • Predicted the lower half of the digit images given the top half of the images by using Bayesian Inference

Stochastic Variational Inference (SVI) on the TrueSkill Model

  • Implemented a variant of the TrueSkill model which creates a playing ranking system for competitive games by inferring the skill (latent variable model) of a set of game results (Win or lose)
  • Applied SVI on World Tour Tennis Data and optimized the approximated distribution with ELBO 

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Game Hub – Mini Games

  • Built an Android App with three mini games based on self-built file systems and game functions as part of a four-person team 
  • Created UI design and backend data structure using Java in Android Studio
  • Coordinated team responsibilities utilizing Git/Version Control to work individually

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Places and clubs that I enjoy 

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The Varsity Newspaper Team:


  • Took photos for various articles published in Canada’s largest-circulation student newspaper 
  • Contributing numerous ideas during seasonal magazine meetings

Republic of China Student Association: Communication Team 

  • Managed the production of sponsorship videos and took photos during key events, including orientation for incoming students and regular monthly events
  • Designed marketing strategies as part of a 5-person team which resulted in attracting 100 people per event 

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iConnect International Mentorship Program:


  • Shared my international experience with peers and assisted others in their transition into university life
  • Facilitated group discussions regarding crucial events or topics when deemed necessary

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