Frank Michael House

 Longtime Georgia Real Estate Entrepreneur 

Frank Michael House is a Georgia real estate investor who focuses on purchasing distressed properties and transforming them into residences that attain a higher selling price than previously. Within highly competitive markets, Frank Michael House is consistently seeking opportunities to purchase at a price where a reliable profit can be made after making improvements, covering tax costs, and paying utilities and insurance.

Mr. House excels in identifying homes that are not already on the market and have issues of age and upkeep that make them undervalued relative to other comparable properties. He navigates the renovation process, whether it involves a plumbing repair or a leaky roof, and synchronizes the work completion to the expected ultimate payout. This requires an intimate knowledge of real estate trends, both at the macro level and the neighborhood level.

Mr. House is presently adding to his entrepreneurial profile by establishing a clinic that will help people address the aging process and maintain ideal health. A communications graduate of Mississippi State University, he has been listed Who’s Who in Business for 2021.

  Suwanee, GA, US

Work Experience

January 1996 - Present

Real Estate Investor

House Management LLC


Mississippi State University



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