Fransiska Fedora Fifian 鄒遙夢

Digital Marketing Specialist and Graphic Designer   •  Taipei, TW  •  [email protected]

Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google My Business, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Shopee Ads, SEO SEM-oriented Topic Clusters, Content Writing, Hubspot, Mail Chimp, Adobe (PS, AI, PR, AE, IN)

I am a hard working driven individual that specialised in media production, social media marketing, graphic designing, and sales managing. I have a quick to adapt personality and always eager to learn something new. I experienced living, studying and working in international environments

Work Experience

KARMA Medical, Marketing Planning Specialist, Mar 2021 ~ Present

- Increased 350% of FB Page Reach, Paid Reach 260% (2020 vs 2021) 

- Boosted Website Visitors; UU 132% & PV 175% (2020 vs 2021)

- Amplified Paid Advertisement ROI through historical performance and strong grasp of local market (decreased CPC from NT$8.5 to 5.3 in 3 months)

- Coordinated Onsite Marketing Solutions initiatives to grow the solution revenue in Shopee Malaysia (average ROA NT$53)

- Designed paid social media campaigns in Malaysian Market 

- Improved collaborative efforts with overseas sales and marketing team; (Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and Philippines) 

- Localized marketing materials from HQ to multiple oversea markets (Including translation from English - Bahasa Malay, English - Bahasa Indonesia) 


XING Mobility, Sales and Logistics, Oct 2020 ~ Feb 2021

- Executed Company's Website 

 - Organized orders and resolve returns issues 

 - Coordinated and monitor supply chain operations - Consolidate shipment processes 

- Retargeting online Communities into CAM market 

 -  Planned social media marketing plans and programs 

- Redesign and Developed a Product Focused Company's Website


Taiwan Startup Stadium, Design Intern, Feb 2020 ~ Aug 2020

- Graphic Designer Lead and Social Media Marketing on (Engaged 588 followers on in 3 weeks) 
 - Videographer/editor @taiwan_rocks
- Designed #Youthrocks Instagram Post (xCakeresume, xNumbers, Get ready for YR, Speaker introduction, Panels, etc.) 
 - Designed a trophy awards for Give Me 5 event, pull-up banner
 - #Asiarocks swags design 
 - Scouting Unicorns company all around Indonesia

Velove Annissa Taiwan, Graphic Designer and Digital Marketing Part Time, Mar 2018 ~ Sep 2020

- Accelerated 500% of organic reach on Facebook (2018 vs 2020)

- TikTok social media influencer and Manager

- Ensuring customer satisfaction while performing transaction - Designed Catalogues relevant to the company 

- Contributed on Facebook Live as a speaker while performing transaction 

- Producing our own Marketing product Videos 

- Designed Logos and KV for the company


S&N Course Cram school, English Teacher, Jan 2015 ~ Jul 2016

- Helping students to acquire knowledge, competences or values



Ming Chuan University, Bachelor's Degree in International Business 3.8 GPA, 2016 ~ 2020


Santa Laurensia High School, High School Diploma, High School Diploma for Science and Arts, 2013 ~ 2016



2014 Gold Medal For Best Science Project

" The Effect of Different Light Wavelength to Escalate the Growth of Chilli Plants (Capsicum annum)" 17th -19th September 2014, Marbella Hotel - Anyer

2013 Copper Medal For Best Essay in Renewable Energy

BTKE CONEX 2013 Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation Conference & Exhibition at JCC August 21-23, 2013

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2022 EBAT Membership Card Design Competition 

The Membership Card will be used for the calendar year 2022 and issued to all EBAT members as a form of identification to redeem member-only access to promotions and events.

Karma Medical COVID-19 Campaign

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Responding to the surge of COVID-19 cases, we created a campaign on How to Protect Yourself from COVID-19 (from the point of view of a wheelchair user). 

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Caregiving Webinar

As the industry leader in Malaysia, we held monthly webinar to educate the market on why do they need to invest on a High Quality Wheelchair. This effort also aimed to increase website and social media traffic.

Social Media Ads

Weighing only 9.8kg our ErgoLite wheelchair is the Lightest Crash Tested Wheelchair in Asia! In this video I compared it with a bag of rice (why bag of rice? our TA is caregivers/families, and in MY almost everyone can relate to this comparison) 

To emphasize the Lightest, I designed an animation of our wheelchair flying with kites!

XING Mobility 

Retargeting of online communities into Construction and Mining Industry while creating a product focused company profile website

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As a Graphic Designer Lead and Social Media Marketing of the new brand by Taiwan Startup Stadium where I am in charge on creating the whole Social Media Branding and also Marketing where I reached 588 followers related and interested in what we worked on in just 3 weeks.


Four interns from Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS), with different nationalities and ideas. But, there is one thing in common; the passion for startups and Taiwan.  We rebrand TaiwanRock by inviting some of the coolest Startup Founder to our video to share why they think Taiwan Rocks!

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2020 Meet Your Match 

KKFund X Taiwan Startup Stadium

Inspired by the Event's name "Meet your Match", I design the KV to look like a Match Making app to find your Investor online!

An event collaboration between Taiwan Startup Stadium and KKFund due to Covid-19 to not let the situation limit startups to meet their investors! (Online) 

All Star AwardProjects 01 00@2x

To celebrate the anniversary of Taiwan Startup Stadium, TSS awarded the All Star Award to five new start-up teams that have followed TSS since its inception in 2015: 25sprout, FunNow, Health2Sync, MoBagel, and SkyREC. 

CakeResume x Youth rocks!

Multiple Instagram Post Marketing Campaign to acquire participants to  join Youth Rocks! x CakeResume workshop.

I decided to design the Instagram posts to look like a folder because in the past people always hand in a CV & Portfolio in a folder. 

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TSS's Summer Internship 2020

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Inspired by working from home during this pandemic, the poster main idea is to use an old school screen to inform about the job openings in Taiwan Startup Stadium. The Pantone of the poster also matching with TSS's branding Yellow Tone.

#AsiaRocks 2019 Teaser

The one and only startup focused event in Asia. Showing what happened on 2019's #AsiaRocks Event and inviting people to Join on 2020's event!

Velove Annissa Taiwan

As a social media designer, I designed my Part Time company's logo, catalogues and FB cover photo

Velove Annissa Taiwan - Beauty and Fashion online company

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