Yiyun Fu

iOS Engineer

  Taipei City, Taiwan

My name is Yiyun Fu and I am a mid-level iOS Engineer. I'm an accomplished programmer, a fast learner, and not afraid of challenges. I have 3+ years of iOS development experience and enjoy using my abilities and skills to contribute to application advancements or solve existing issues.



iOS/Flutter Engineer 

UTW Technology Co., LTD. Nov. 2021 - Present

Playsee is a geo-oriented community platform. It has features such as short videos, asking nearby, and geographic information. Unlike other social media, users can experience the most authentic and retouched-free travel videos, daily sharing, and interactive comments around the world through Playsee.

  • Learning Flutter and participating in development within one month
  • Independently troubleshooting and setup of iOS Environment (APNs, Xcode, and Cocoapods)
  • Utilizing FlutterMethodChannel to Interface between iOS and Flutter, and customizing/implement functions on the iOS platform, including HLS player, UIActivity, video trimming and rotating, etc

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iOS App Developer 

SoftMobile Technology corporation Oct. 2019 - Oct. 2021

SoftMobile is an outsourcing company that provides services that include website construction, system integration as well as mobile application design and development. The customers cover finance, insurance, banking, aviation, and other industries.

  • Independent/Collaborative iOS Development
  • Experience of MVC
  • Cross-department communication and cooperation
  • Project schedule planning
  • Client site expatriate includes testing, consultation, and training program
  • Vulnerability assessment, composing of trial documentation

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iOS App Developer 

Infibi Inc. Jul. 2019 - Oct. 2019

  • Serial connection of Bluetooth modules
  • Experience in OOP (Object-Oriented Programming)
  • Swift and Objective-C hybrid codebase

iOS Intern

Oversoar digital technology co., ltd. Feb. 2019 - Jul. 2019

It was the last semester of university, and I finished the graduation credits early.
Therefore, I decided to look for an internship possibility, in order to gain work experience, which will help me to be better able to find a regular job after graduating.

  • Independent development of iOS applications.


2015 - 2019

National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology

Electronic Engineering



Xcode  Cocoapods  

Swift Objective-C Dart Flutter 

Xcode CocoaPods APNs Github


Chinese  English  TOEIC 805

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