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Renat Gabitov

Growth Marketer & Business Developer

[email protected]  •  (213) 292-3346  •  San Francisco, CA

If you are looking for a driven growth marketer to help execute on your grand mission, you've found to the right person. I specialize in connecting passionate entrepreneurs with their crowd through captivating marketing and branding.

My life’s mission is to build revolutionary technologies that will disrupt industries, fundamentally increase people’s happiness and make human work exponentially more effective and enjoyable. 

 My current goal is to learn from the world's top performers and take disruptive startups a few steps closer to epic success.


Head of Marketing and Operations, Summer 2016 - Present

CrowdTap is a equity crowdfunding marketing agency.

  • Assembled a team that had raised $50m+ in equity and reward crowdfunding 
  • Headed marketing of a 300% + funded equity crowdfunding campaign 
  • Established effective partnerships with industry leading platforms, marketing agencies, media outlets and experts 
  • Developed, implemented and automate sales and marketing strategies that gave access to 100% of companies raising with equity crowdfunding
  • Lead and project managed PR, SMM, Growth Hacking, Email Marketing, Partnerships, Sales and Marketing Collateral 

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Startup Consultant & PM, Summer 2015 - Present

Tech and startup consulting agency

  • Sold $200,000+ in the automotive industry via personal network and print marketing
  • Built cost effective Facebook Ad and Google Adwords campaigns with $50k+ total spend
  • Led teams of virtual assistants to deliver lead generation, design, digital marketing work, videos, content, website creation, web optimization, PPC, SMM 
  • Consulted entrepreneurs on growth marketing and strategy   

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Head of Operations, Winter - Spring 2016

EdTech platform that will use machine learning & AI to create personalized goal-based digital curriculums for professional skill development and personal growth. 

  • Got $1M+ in funding committed, identified and led communications with investors internationally, closed distribution partnerships for the Japanese market
  • Gained 6,000+ students on Udemy through building a distribution network through media, FB marketing and partnerships for Opti’s online courses
  • Assembled & led a team of 6 people that handled brand identity creation, copywriting, sales and online marketing 

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General Manager & Cofounder, Summer - Fall 2015

An international trading company 

  • Signed first paying B2B customer in 4h of work after coming up with the idea using the Lean Startup Methodology
  • Established an operations system: financial planning, manufacturing, sales, marketing, logistics & distribution management 
  • Reduced shipping costs by 42% though effective cost-management 
  • Formed manufacturing partnerships in Chinese and headed onsite quality control 

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Growth Manager, Spring - Summer 2014

Alto Holdings: Real Estate Development

  • Facilitated a $1,300,000 sale of an apartment through building new partnerships with realtor companies 
  • Delivered a $100k remodeling project two weeks before the deadline
  • Improved business relations and identified growth opportunities in HVAC sector at the China International Trade Fair, the Luxury Property International Show in Beijing and the Investment and Financing Expo in Shanghai 


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Exponential Tech
  • Kitesurfing
  • EdTech
  • Life Hacking
  • Lifestyle Design
  • Travel
  • Building Crowds
  • Meditation
  • Effective Altruism
  • Space 
  • and I loooove public speaking



Renat is one of the most driven, fearless and ambitious people I have met in my life. Since I met Renat, I've been in constant awe for his lack of fear and sheer perseverance and insane ability to take a goal break it down and execute and shift his strategy until he reaches his goal. Not only does he do this mentally in business but physically in life in athletic events, literally climbing mountains, jumping out of planes and concurring fear. If you're looking for someone who can grow in any challenge your search is over.

John Frye, Marketer at StartupGrind

Renat is absolutely one of the most exceptional people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Aside from his vibrant and passionate personality, Renat has consistently shown his incredible marketing, leadership, project management, sales and people skills every day. His curiosity to learn and ambitious work habits make any task feasible for Renat. 

 When it comes to his work, Renat is a perfectionist. He expects perfection from those around him and will do everything in his power to get things done. But what really makes Renat special is his drive to go above and beyond. Renat is always looking 10 steps ahead, so that when you finally catch up to him, he is prepared in advanced. Renat is the ultimate team player -- hard working, loyal and kind to everybody around him. I consider myself beyond lucky to know Renat and even luckier to have worked directly with him. His habits and personality are something I strive to match every day. 

Dylan Satin, CEO at CrowdTap

In my career I have worked with very few people that perform on the level of Renat. He solves complex problems with a speed and confidence seldom seen in the workforce. If he doesn't know the answer, he will tell you as much, he will then find the answer and complete the task. His areas of expertise are vast and he always seems to know what you need, as well as how to get it. I have owned businesses for over 30 years. If you have the chance to hire Renat Gabitov, you should know that you have one rare individual in front of you. To pass on this hire would be a mistake.

Michael Moormeier, CEO at MobileSpike

Renat is one of the most passionate people I know and his ability to set goals and achieve them is inspiring. Whenever I work with Renat, I'm immediately filled with energy, drive, and motivation to succeed on the task at hand. His determination to have impact and make the world a better place is truly contagious and his confidence and persistence make him a well-respected leader.

Alex Wormuth, CEO at HexCare

Core Skillset

  • Digital Marketing
    • Building Crowds, Pay-Per-Click, Email Marketing, SMM, Growth Hacking, CRO, Branding, PR, Product
  • Operations & Project Management 
    • Project Planning, Scope Planning, Hiring / Firing / Optimizing labor force, Communication Management
  • Automation 
    • Making your business more scalable and effective
  • Sales 
    • Creating Sales Strategies and Funnels, Lead Generation, ABC

Professional Tools

gAdwords, gAnalytics, AdEspresso, Gleam, HotJar, MuckRack, SMM Automation Tools, HubSpot, Marketing Analytics/SEO/PR Tools, Upwork, Asana.



Draper University, Spring 2015

Entrepreneurship, San Mateo, CA

Institute of International Economic Relations, 2012-2015

International Business and Management, Moscow, Russia

University of Richmond, 2012-2014

Economics & Business, Richmond, VA


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Lifestyle Engineering

Lifestyle Engineering is a movement of extraordinary people who engineer success and happiness. By helping identify key drivers, passions and abilities, I explain how one can design an optimal pathway/action plan to change the world and achieve ultimate self-actualization.

More about Lifestyle Engineering: lifestyledesign.io


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This books helped me think and act x100. 

We live in the age of abundance. Availability of Information has erased many boundaries and gifted us the freedom to be knowledgable. 

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Tools of Titans

"If you let your learning lead to knowledge you'll be a fool. If your learning leads to action you'll become wealthy." - Jim Rohn.

Action is the cure for everything.

I read two books per week. There are millions of books that say exactly how the world's top performers earned their success. We all know it. There is no secret formula. The missing component is action.


“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  - Jim Rohn

I am extremely privileged to know a great number of world’s top performers. From my lifelong travels to over 60 countries, my network stretches from the most remote places in Asia to the most advanced corners of the Silicon Valley. 

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