Chris | 蕭成澍

  I have around 2 years experience as Back-end Engineer by working in a systems integrated company. Mainly work on building back-end, coding script for data processing and developing API. Love to study design pattern. Keep improving python skill and back-end structure knowledge. Care about the quality and efficiency of the code. Explore new programming tech and share with teams.

  Recently concentrate on developing a flexible, expandable file monitor software application. The concept of the application is base on logging module. Plan to open the source code when the prototype is created. In python field, my next topic is to study async skill.  

  Taipei City, Taiwan




  • Python
  • Django
  • MySQL (percona)
  • unit test
  • websocket
  • MQ server


  • Git
  • gitlab ci
  • Docker
  • Linux
  • Nginx
  • GCP


  • Design patter
  • VS code
  • Markdown

Work Experience

July 2019 - Present

Back-end Engineer International Integrated Systems, Inc.

  Work as back-end engineer. Mainly using python language and Django framework to building back-end application. Using git for integrating code between teammate. Maintaining docker container with swarm mode for web application.

Work project and contribution
【Qpeplus - CWB Weather Monitor System】

  • Create CI pipeline by implement gitlab git-runner
  • Create test case by Django test management
  • Improve real-time data transmission by importing websocket
  • Maintain docker swarm environment for web application
  • Write python script for data processing

【Railway History  Weather Information System】

  • Contact person for this project, providing technical information or assistance for client
  • Develop back-end web application structure and design API spec, integrated NAS data storage system

【Airport Weather Condition Message Notification System】

  • Integrate short message service
  • maintain system
  • Update the service OS and fix SSL certificate error. 

Sep 2018 - June 2019

Research Assistant National Cheng Kung University

  This opportunity is recommended by professor after graduate. Joint the Center for Railway Studies in Cheng Kung University. Participate in two projects as following. 

【Taiwan Railway Train Auto Schedule System】

  • Develop train schedule optimal algorithm using by Gurobi and C# 

【Taiwan High Speed Rail Train Attendant Auto Schedule System】

  • Collect and organize schedule constrain demand
  • Design UI
  • Develop window form system by C#


Bachelor Degree

National Cheng Kung University 2013 - 2018

Industrial and Information Management


Qpeplus - CWB Weather Monitor System

Brief:Assistant Center Weather Bureau to develop a weather monitor system. In charged of developing API spec, script for processing data and maintain web application.

platform and tools: using python Django framework. Runnig web application with Nginx and gunicorn in docker container.  

Web Link :

Government Event Map

Brief:Develop web crawler script to obtain event information from county and city government and show the information in web map by using google map API.

platform and tools: Using worker consumer structure in back-end to run and monitor crawl job status. The back-end application is up in the GCP. Using google map API in front-end to show readable event information in map.

Github Link :

Line bot Reservation System ( Outsourcing )

BriefIt is a three member team. Assistant a massage studio to building a online reservation system by  using Line Bot API.

platform and tools Using Python Django, Line bot and google calendar.  

Github 連結 :

Teacher Auto Scheduling Algorithm ( 

Outsourcing )

BriefDevelop a algorithm for scheduling teach shift for helping a friend who work in school as a administration staff. In the beginning, the algorithm is base on genetic algorithm but the result is not as expect. After, modify the algorithm by greedy method creating by myself.

platform and tools Python and excel。