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  • More than 6 years of GaAs semiconductor process experience, especially research on related applications of electron beam lithography
  • Participated in the development of a breakthrough process related to pHEMT, which increased the efficiency of components by 25%.
  • Good at using Minitab, Vidas data analysis software to find out the root cause.
  • Long-term cooperation with foreign manufacturers for electron beam lithography applications.

Job Experience

Senior Process Engineer WIN Semiconductors Corp.  Feb 2015 ~ Nov 2021

  • Maintain the yield rate of 0.1um & 0.15um pHEMT products of GaAs, analyze the main causes of product problems and then
    1. Significantly reduce the wafer scrap rate and improve it by about 75% 
    2. Improve the yield rate of shipments to nearly 99%  
    3. The process specifications are eliminated or improved, saving about 10% of manufacturing costs
  • Develop a new process with the e-beam lithography machine, which is rare in Taiwan.
  • Participate in pHEMT & GaN new process development plan: make plans for existing materials or introduction of new materials and evaluation of new production machines  
    • Successfully developed and increased its efficacy by 25% 
  • Went to Germany to exchange experience in electron beam lithography with equipment manufacturers
  • Participated in the company's internal innovation and efficiency competition in the past 5 years and was shortlisted 4 times. 
  • The company vigorously promotes “Accountability of Behavior” and I had won the “Annual Award of Accountability of Behavior” affirmation.  


Word MOS License, Excel MOS License& Power Point MOS License




Highly stress resistant

I have become the sole breadwinner since I was young and developed an independent character from the environment of grandparent family.


Full of curiosity

I like to travel to any place I have never been to, feel the local culture and expand my personal horizons.


Breakthrough myself

Whether it is fitness or jump rope, every training is an opportunity to breakthrough myself.