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Gary Bassett Waxahachie is a trusted and established financial professional with an MBA from Southern Methodist University. Gary Bassett Waxahachie achieved the highest honor in Boy Scouts by earning his Eagle Scout award. For more information visit here: 


Work Experience

HP Capital, Partner, Dec 2000 ~ Present

Bank of America, Sr. V.P, Dec 1992 ~ Dec 2000

Micro Bank, President, Jan 1984 ~ Dec 1992

J.P Morgan, Sr V.P Private Equity , Jan 1978 ~ Jan 1984


Southern Methodist University, Master of Business Administration (MBA), Finance, 1975 ~ 1978

Gary Bassett Waxahachie graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas with a Master of Business Administration.

The Professional Life of Gary Bassett Waxahachie

Gary Bassett Waxahachie values fulfillment and good family support for his professional career, hoping to leave behind a legacy for his son, Michael.

Gary Bassett Waxahachie An Expert in Finances

Gary Bassett has strong corporate experience in the finance sector in Waxahachie, Texas. He has served as Senior Vice President for the Bank of America for 8 years, and he was also the President of MicroBank Software for 8 years which he sold to Citicorp.

Gary Bassett Waxahachie Pastimes 

In his free time, Gary Bassett enjoys many different activities. He likes watching college football during the season and cheers for his alma mater football team SMU, as well as Stanford and Michigan.

Gary Bassett Waxahachie: A Prominent Board Member 

Gary Bassett Waxahachie is a Valley of the Caddo Foundation major donor, having contributed over the past eight years.

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