George Liu

iOS Developer

[email protected]

Technical Skills 

Swift (proficient), RxSwift (prior experience), PHP (prior experience), MySQL (prior experience), Git

Working Experience

iOS Developer - Addcn, Inc., Taiwan                                                              06/2019 - present

Develop and maintain 3 job-search Apps(518 FindJob518 FindTalent、518 BearWork).

  • Documented coding conventions and guidelines for the iOS dev team to unify coding style, and implemented SwiftLint and SwiftFormat to improve code quality. 
  • Led project to separate staging and production versions automatically which improved QA and prevented sending the wrong version to the App store. 
  • Won the annual technology grand prize for the project that trained team members on MVVM architecture with ViewModel Inputs/Outputs and closure binding. Implemented this architecture into 518 FindJob and 518 FindTalent for new files.  

iOS Developer - TideiSun Group, Co., Ltd., Taiwan                                    12/2018 - 06/2019

Developed and maintained 2 cryptocurrency Apps(PingPay, RockMe). 

  • Refactored PingPay, a cryptocurrency wallet app, in order to reduce code complexity, and refined it from MVC to MVVM model with RXSwift where 30% of codes are removed from previous ViewControllers. 
  • Wrote unit tests with XCTest and ensured over 80% of code were covered by new ViewModels. 

Trainee - AppWorks Ventures Co., Ltd., Taiwan                                         07/2018 - 12/2018

Developed 2 apps: CosTogether - an app that you can trade excessive products, and Voyage - a social media app.

  • Independently developed CosTogether with MVC architecture, and published it on the App store through the Apple submission process. 
  • Spent only 3 weeks to finish Voyage by self without prior programming experience. This app contained the technologies which included:  

        • Displaid UI by UITableView, UIColletionView, and UIScorllView.
        • Used delegate, closure, NotificationCenter, and KVO to deliver data to different instances. 
        • Sent HTTPs Request through URLSession and Alamofire.
        • Persisted data by Keychain, UserDefault, and CoreData. 

Project Specialist - China Productivity Center, Taiwan                             08/2017 - 05/2018

  • Planned and proceeded with projects for the Ministry of Economic Affairs(Taiwan). 

Side Project Experience                                                     

iOS Mentor & Backend Developer of “iOS Mentorship Program”          12/2019 - 02/2020

  • Planned and designed a series of courses that included essential knowledge of iOS development for junior developers, to help mentees learning iOS development step by step by building a chat app. 
  • The courses provided essential knowledge of iOS development which included UI implementation, fundamental iOS design patterns, network requirements, persistent data, and tools(git, postman, etc.). 
  • Built the backend API for the chat app, which trained mentees in making HTTP requests. 


Master of Business Administration | National Sun Yen-sen University Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2017

Bachelor of Arts, History | Tunghai University Taichung, Taiwan 2013

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