Shawn Peng

With 7 years experience as a web backend engineer, also a Gopher, PHPer, Clean Coder.
Dedicating to write clarify, simplicity, maintainable programs.
I am interested in writing blog and side project to improve skills.
Also follow the latest technology trends.

GtiHub: https://github.com/cloudingcity
Blog: https://clouding.city

Senior Software Engineer
[email protected]
0933 714474



  • Go
  • PHP
  • JavaScript


  • Laravel
  • Vue.js


  • MySQL
  • Redis


  • AWS


  • Docker 
  • GitlabCI
  • REST
  • gRPC
  • TDD 
  • SOLID 
  • Design Patterns
  • JWT
  • Terraform
  • k6


KKStream Limited, Senior Software Engineer, Jan 2021 ~ Present

BlendVision Moment (Live Product) (Go)

  • C1000k load testing and OS tuning using k6
  • Managed AWS cloud resources with Terraform
  • Implement asynchronous service with SQS and Lambda
  • Build and implement CMS from scratch


KKStream Limited, Software Engineer, Oct 2018 ~ Dec 2020

BlendVision Moment (Live Product) (Go)

  • Design and implement authentication with JWT
  • Integrate third party api (Straas)
  • Avoid duplicated write requests with singleflight (Go package)
  • Implement redeem code feature
  • Unify and design application log level and interface
  • Reduce hot path latency by 50ms
  • Implement zero memory allocation HTTP client and open source it (https://github.com/cloudingcity/gofast)

UtaPass Music App (PHP) (http://au.utapass.jp/)

  • Design RESTful APIs, database schemas
  • Sync song authorization (SQS)
  • Assist in planning and assigning tasks
  • Implement web UI tool (Vue.js) to help QA and PM test and debug
  • Refactor legacy code

Royalty Report of UtaPass (Go) (Report generate system)

  • Add integration test and unit test, increase coverage from 0% to 80%
  • Rewrite project from PHP to Go enhance performance and abstracting architecture
  • Reduce generate time from 20 min to 1 min 
  • Sharing code architecture to team member


  • Formulate coding standards and code review guidelines, and discuss with team members
  • Sharing my own open source project to team members


WeGames, PHP Engineer, Aug 2017 ~ Sep 2018

Official website(Yii)

  • Develop and maintain website
  • Implement new features in CMS
  • Integrate Facebook and Google login APIs
  • Bridge third-party game data APIs

Gaming website and event page(jQuery)

  • Develop event page(Vote, Slot machine, Drawing sharing, etc.)
  • Communicate with PM, UI/UX and give suggestions
  • Dashboard page to provide DAU and MAU

Internal system (Symfony)

  • Refactor legacy code


ShareTech, Research And Development Engineer, Aug 2014 ~ Apr 2017

Firewall Management Interface (PHP, jQuery)

  • Develop new features
  • Refactor legacy code
  • Design architecture

Flow analysis of Dashboard

  • UI: Bootstrap3
  • Chart: jQuery, c3.js, Datatables(jQuery plugin)

Flow analysis of Report

  • Drawing: Phantomjs and c3.js
  • Sending: PHPMailer and linux crontab



National Ilan University (Bachelor), 2009 ~ 2013

Electronic Engineering

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