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徐怡君 Gina Hsu

Dunman Place 515 Dunman Road, #14-01 Singapore 439204 

Phone: +65 87683099

Email: [email protected]

                                                              About Me 

 I started working here in Singapore since this year July. I have 5 years of experiences as a sales supervisor therefore I got my first job in Lagardere Travel Retail in Singapore Changi Airport as a retail sale. Before coming to Singapore, I was working as a bartender in Taipei. Although it was just half a year, the experiences I had there left a huge impact on me. The interest and hunger for more knowledge grew in me. Having been trained in fundamental skills of the mixology arts, I am confident that I would be an asset to any bar crew. I am fascinated by how nature, culture, and tradition influence drinks which has led to my deep appreciation of produce. I would describe myself as a well-presented, hardworking individual who thrives at the chance of learning new skills and knowledge. I am someone who works well alongside others and is easy to get along with. I am very dedicated and passionate about this food and beverage industry.


Burger & Lobster / Singapore • Bartender Dec19–Now

Changi airport , Singapore - retail assistant ( Balenciaga)   July19–Dec19

7th Japanese Bar, Taipei - Bartender Dec18– June19

Nan Shan Life Insurance Company / Taipei, Taiwan •  Sales Supervisor Mar 14- July 17


Mackay Junior College of Medicine, Nursing and Management / Taipei, Taiwan 

• Intern Nurse   Sept 12 – Feb 13


BarSmarts - May 2020

Shafston International College, Gold Coast July 17 – Oct 17 

 • English as a Second Language,ESL   

 College of Mount Saint Vincent, New York City Oct 14 – Feb 15 

• English as a Second Language, ESL

Mackay Junior College of Medicine, Nursing and Management June 9 – June 13 

 • Degree of Associate of Science


Some cocktails I have executed in 7th Japanese Bar
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  Star fruit Cocktail  
Star fruit/Plantation Rum/Plum
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Silent Third 
Old Potrero/Michter’s/Peers
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Strawberry Cocktail Strawberry/Michter’s/Gordon Gin
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Between the sheets
 Doorly’s rum/Gaspard/Cointreau
Paragraph image 06 02@2xTom&Jerry

Some cocktails/mocktail  I have executed in Burger & Lobster

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Lavender Negroni 
Lavender earl grey tea/ Gin/Campari/Rosso
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BBQ Whiskey sour
Lapsang Souchong tea/ wild Turkey
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Pineapple Ice Tea 
English Breakfast Tea/Pineapple Puree/Gula Melaka/Lemon

        Some about me

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