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Artificial Intelligence Researcher

Computer vision\Machine Learning\Deep Learning
Taipei Special Municipality,TW
[email protected]

Competition On Kaggle

Santander Customer Transaction Prediction

It's the most popular competition on Kaggle recently. There more than 9000 teams joined the game. this competition has already lasted for one year. I 'm a late joiner of this game. I only have two weeks to figure out all the clues and catch up other competitioners. This game is my first competition on Kaggle. I've spent 15~17 hours per day to analysis the data, because I want to bring a medal home. At the end of the game,only two hours left, I have three models in my hand, two are from public kernels(score:0.901 on public),and one is from my own(score:0.900 on public), I trust myself and believe I'm right. So ,I bring a Silver medal home.

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The purpose of this project is decreasing labor-intensive work,using machine to replace human being. So, we decide to use a robot-arm and object detection technique ,instead of our hands and eyes. In this project, we use yolo and Arduino. But, at the first, we have to collect the data and label them. This is a cool experience. We build a project from zero. And then, we face a big problem, 'How to let the robot-arm connect with yolo?'. After 1 month hard work, we break it through!Int the end of the Academy life, on the final presentation,we won the 4nd place. (Here is a link for the demo video

Days in AI Academy

When I quit my last job. I start to think what should I do next ,and I found "Artificial Intelligence". I tried to study it on my own,at first. Just few weeks, I realized that I need to learn it in a system way. There are too many information, I can't filter it.So, I decided to learn it in Taiwan AI Academy.During the days in academy,I found that I really interested in AI. I spent 12 hours per day to study it, and I got good grades of the exams. I think that maybe I got talent of it. So I start to research more paper even after graduation. So far, I haven't let myself down.

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Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Python, C++, Java, SQL, Arduino


Chinese-native speaker

Taiwanese-native speaker

English- TOEIC Score: 810

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No-working Days

I like to hiking,climbing and go to gym doing some training. Also, I love to travel to different countries. I've lived in Australia for a year. And I can't live without music, "Music is life , Life is music."

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