Jhen Mu(MJ)

  iOS Developer

  [email protected]

  Taichung City, Taiwan

Interest can take me farther than any other.


My name is Jhen Mu, In Mandarin is 穆辴, if you have any Asia friends who can speak Mandarin, you will know that my name is more special than most part of Asia people. So, because significant name, I decided to shorten it to MJ, most of my coworkers or friends would call me that. 

In my school days, I'm not major in computer science, but  mandarin teaching and public affair, it's very different from a iOS Developer. If you try to ask me why I study different domains in student life, I would tell you, ” Interest can take me farther than any other”.
So, to define the lifestyle I live, interdisciplinary learning is the way of my life.



Coding Skill

  • UIKit、SwiftUI
  • Swift
  • RxSwift
  • WatchOS
  • CoreData
  • OOP
  • Multiple Size Layout with AutoLayout、XIBs

Multiplayer  Skill

  • GitLab/GitHub
  • GitFlow
  • Git


  • Manderin
  • English


iOS Developer  •  Bionime Corp. 華廣生技股份有限公司

May 2022 - Present

In May 2022, I got a job working in the iOS mobile technical, at a biotechnology company, Bionime that produce glucose control and monitoring product. In my part of work, CGM(Continue Glucose Monitoring)is my mainly involved APP product to develop the iOS mobile device platform.

Contribute to the team:
1. Make new features and iterations in the product.
2. Apple Watch APP Development, Document writing, and teaching the new staff familiar with the repository.
3. Code review experience in CGM.
4. Create a friendly communication environment for the new crew.
5. Make a precise SCRUM issue writing format to express work and communicate smoothly.

iOS Developer  •  Hao Xiang Studio 好想工作室

November 2021 - May 2022

In July 2021, when I finish my master's degree in public fairs, I decided to become an iOS developer and learn it by myself in the Hao Xiang studio. There is a place for different kinds of people who are interested in being a developer or working remotely in Tainan, Taiwan, the desert of Information Technology.

In the Studio:
1. Completed the 30 Day Technical Share Marathon by IThome

2. Anything I learn by self, mainly in iOS Development.

3. SideProject with a team, and to save the Thursday Speech, we made WannaKnowApp.


2019 - 2021

Tung Hai University(Master)

Major in Public Affair 公共事務

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