翁聖竑 (Weng, Sheng-Hung)

1y+ Full-stack • 2y+ IoT 

1y+ Linux Driver • 3y+ Embedded Linux • 3y+ Automotive

Product development experience 9 years, 1+ in Linux driver, 2+ in IoT Dev, 1+ in Full-stack Dev, 3+ in Automotive Dev and 3+ in Embedded Linux Dev. Willing to embrace any kind of challenge and finding ways out to solve problems. Love all the technical things in the world. 

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Product Developer & System Integration


I am a product developer and system integrater who experience in designing and developing system integration, system structure, testing, debugging, problem-solving, and training staff within embedded technologies. Proven ability in optimizing embedded system functionality that improves workflow efficiencies of the system.


BLE 5.2 application develop based on microcontroller

WiFi application develop based on the OpenWRT

Power consumption design in software

Android Linux Development

Android linux display driver porting/debug

Android linux touch screen driver porting/debug

Android linux I2C device driver implement/porting/debug

Web Dev


Golang Pogramming


Restful Server

SQL Server / SQL Script

MySQL / Mariadb



Restful API



Linux Dev


LINUX driver in C

Virtual File System designing

Embedded Linux Dev

Linux Server Dev

Linux Programming in C

Socket Programming in C

Bash shell Script





File system Programming in C

MCU None-OS Programming in C

Electronic loop detection

CAN Bus function designing

I2C function designing

SPI function designing

UART function designing

PWM function designing

ADC function designing


FOXCONN - FIH Mobile  Limited

Senior Engineer, Dec 2019 ~ Now

The freedom member of team between different projects is supporting any require. 

IoT File System on FreeRTOS

 2020.12 - now  

Individual weight for the team 100% 

File system owner; Lead developer, the main designer of the File system-on-chip support file operation on FreeRTOS.

IoT-BLE 5.2 indoor positioning

2020.6 - 2020.11

Individual weight for the team 60%

BLE device owner; Lead developer, the main FW designer of indoor positioning system responsible for design and implementation end user target device based on BLE AoA/ToF.

IoT-Location tracking watch

2020.5 - 2020.6

Power manager based on pedometer 33%

I have been designed an algorithm to improve the power consumption more effectively based on a pedometer on FreeRTOS.

Android Linux Display Porting

2019.12 - 2020.5

Individual weight for the team 10%

Display owner; Product upgrade Android system version where I maintain display driver.



Senior Engineer, May 2018 ~ May 2019

Archive Linux Server

2018.5 - 2019.5

Individual weight for the team 30%
Lead developer and file system architect. Designing height performance R/W algorithm which a software RAID file protection method.


LITE-ON Technology

Senior Engineer, Dec 2015 ~ May 2018

Archive Linux Server(Full Stack develop) 

2017.10 - 2017.12
Individual weight for the team 70%

Lead developer and web server architect. Designing an easy operation web user interface for access storage device.

Wi-Fi Storage Device

2015.12 - 2018.4
Individual weight for the team 75%
Lead developer, project Leader and embedded Linux architect. Designing a socket server to access operation disc drive though wifi interface.


Gun Fu Technology

Automotive R&D Manager, Mar 2015 ~ Jul 2015

Automotive touch locker

2015.3 - 2015.8

Problem-solving through teamwork, direct coding responsibilities, and lead developer. Leading the team to move quickly and deliver results for customer.


LIGITEK Electronics,

Automotive Firmware Engineer, Mar 2013 ~ Mar 2015

Automotive CAN Bus Decoder/Encoder 

2014.1 - 2015.2
Individual weight for the FW team 100%

Lead developer, None-OS MCU system architect, and problem-solving with EE. CAN Bus project success to mass production.

Automotive Head-up Display

2013.5 - 2014.3
Individual weight for the FW team 100%

Lead developer, None-OS MCU system architect, and problem-solving with EE. LED type project success to mass production.(experienced drive TFT Display control)



Automotive Firmware Engineer, Oct 2012 ~ Feb 2013

Car Alarm With SMS system

2012.10 - 2013.2

Individual weight for SMS part 100%

SMS system communication architect. AT command system devlopment on MCU.



Institute for Information Industry, 資策會  

embedded linux training , 2015.9 ~ 2015.11,


Major: Android Embedded Software Design Authorization of industrial development bureau with 302 training hours.


National Chi Nan University, 曁南大學 

master degree , 2009 ~ 2011

Taiwan Nantou
Major: Wireless Communication System. Won the best paper in the field of wireless communication.


Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, 南台科大

bachelor degree, 2005 ~ 2009

Taiwan Tainan

Major: Electronic with Network communication engineering International contest on micro mouse intelligence as Fourth place.


My demo

internet of vehicle, Aug 2015 Dec 2015

Use the Linux embedded system and microcontroller to establish a connection between the car and the network. Automotive signal be transformed Windows VB with microcontroller.

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