Grace Lin

Electrical Engineer

An enthusiastic girl who is passionate about bringing happiness to people and the place we live in. Dedicated to sustainability development, she applied for three internships in 4-year-college-life, seeking for reducing carbon dioxide in multiple ways through 

electric vehicles, automated cars, and renewable energy.



  • Find the right target audience and make the number of applicants exceed 400% of KPI.  

Project Management

  • Leader of 5-7 people teams 4 times, in charge of setting goals, planning schedules, organizing resources, and communication.

Operation Optimization

Psychology Soul Mate Program

  • ROI  from 21.8% to 40.6%
  • Gross margin 17.9% to 52%

Machine Learning

  • Reinforcement learning design smart grid thesis
  • Deep learning in solar prediction

Video Edition

  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe After Effect


  • TOEIC 950 / 990
  • TOEFL 106 / 120


Personal Information

Sep 2017 - Jun 2021

Tsing Hua University

Electrical Engineering

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0979265998

Customer Needs Centered Solution Design

EV sharing platform

    I went to an Israeli startup to design a car-share APP in 2 months. 

  • At first, we enclose too many features in our APP to satisfy different groups of customers.
  • We found that Simplicity is the principle of Minimum Viable Product(MVP) and need to prioritize and segmentize customers' need. 
  • Customers will not want to use an APP that is too messy and complicated. 


International Genetic Engineering Machines Competitions (IGEM)

Solve issues that really matter in society

       During the process of visiting fish farmers, I found that reality is not like what we perceived

  • At first, we thought that antibiotics will induce drug resistance. There're ecological farmers showing interest in our bacteria detector system
  • However, traditional farmers usually wait until the fish is sick, take the dosage from the inspection center and for several days, everything will be normal.

 (2019.01 - 2019.10)

  • Even if they know the number of vibrios, they can only change the water and add some active powder, not being sure it will work or not. If we want to make a product prototype commercialized, we 
  • not only need to focus on the development of the original service 
  • but also the supporting measures such as cooperating with fishery inspection center to teach farmers what they can do when knowing vibrios has exceeded the safety standard.

Problem Discovery and Quantitative Analysis

Decision-Making Analysis Solution
(2020.01 - 2020.03)

Making a decision is a daunting task. The main reasons for our indecision are

  • We don't have enough information
  • We can't make a sacrifice
  • Only random roulettes, no systematic APP to help people analyze their choices in the APP store

    I design an APP using the 6-hats method to apply 6 different perspectives to suggest results numerically. 

  • Expand options and the alternatives
  • Quantify the importance of the values
  • Distinguish between facts and opinions
    Demo and User Feedback Video 

Challenges to BMS of EVs
(2020.09 - 2020.12)

The purpose of this study is to discover the challenges faced by electric vehicles. Since battery cost is a hinder to the popularization of EVs, I selected one of the most critical issues of the BMS, the state of charge (SOC), for further discussion. Among the factors affecting the accuracy of SOC, I focus on how to balance batteries to prevent overcharging.

  • Research Paper Link 

Results-oriented Operation Optimization

Reusable Cup Rental Program
(2019.03 - 2019.10)

In order to reduce the waste of disposable packaging, we organized a cup rental program in the school. Customers can use our APP to scan student IDs to rent cups to hold drinks and return them when passing by, thereby reducing the inconvenience of using reusable cups. The return rate exceeds 94%.

During the trial operation at school, we learned that a sustainable operation requires a well-designed business model.

Psychology Soul Mate Program

Goal                                                              (2021.10 - 2022.3)

Help people find their soulmates by increasing info transparency through psychological discussions.

Target Audiences 

  • fewer opportunities to meet people 
  • unable to find appropriate mates 


  • Increase ROI from 21.8% to 40.6% 
  • Increase gross profit margin from 17.9% to 55.1% 
  • The number of applicants for a single meetup exceeds the original target by 400%.

Work Experience

Jun. 2021 - Now

Firmware Design Engineer

Delta, Taiwan

In charge of 

  • Firmware upgrade, optimizing upgrade time 
    from 7 min to 30secs. 
  • Power supply unit user interface and firmware design

Jul 2020 - Sep 2020

Automated Guided Vehicle Developer Intern

Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan

    Utilized RGBD camera, lidar, Robot Operating System (ROS), Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), and an Arduino Nano to build up an indoor automated navigation car.

    When a user clicks on a certain goal on the UI map, the car will navigate by matching the features it scans with the map and preventing hits.

Jun 2019 - Aug 2019

EV Sharing App Designer Intern

CityTransformer, Israel

    Quickly learned new skills and design a car-sharing APP prototype in two months.

    Narrowing down our main target customers and standing in their shoes can we truly test the market needs, just as higher accuracy can be achieved with less variables in the experiment.

    APP features increase the convenience of EV, including showing the SOC on EV, battery charging stations map, and coupons.