Grimmer (Teng-Chieh) Kang

A programmer/manager and enthusiastic to make something good for people, check out my GitHub to see free utilities.

New Taipei City,Taiwan
[email protected]


Linker Networks Inc., Software Engineering Lead, Dec 2018 ~ Oct 2020

Linker Networks Inc. ( is a Boston-based AI platform startup.

1. Hand on back-end programming and software team lead.

1. Built the software team (8p, frontend + backend) and involved in the agile scrum development cycle.
2. Designed the architecture of real-time serving/batch inference of AI model (docker base)
3. Implemented the back-end part of the labeling platform and helped the frontend side a little
4. Designed the initial architecture of video streaming integrated AI model inference system

Stack: React, Node.js, JavaScript/TypeScript, GraphQL, Python, Azure, MongoDB, gRPC, RabbitMQ, etc.


Software Freelancer & Consultant, Jun 2018 ~ Nov 2018

- Mobile
- Front-end
- Back-end
- AI (Convolutional Neural Network). Medical DICOM Chrome Image Viewer ( is a by-product of an AI contract project
- Consultant


Academia Sinica, Taiwan, Software Engineer Lead, Nov 2016 ~ Feb 2018

Worked at Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics (ASIAA, which is the national academy of Taiwan.

- Coding for visualization & analysis of GB size Astronomy-Data
- Team & Agile Project Management, collaborating with the U.S.(National Radio Astronomy Observatory), CA (University of Alberta) , and South Africa (Inter-university Institute for Data Intensive Astronomy) teams
- UX (User Experience) design
- DevOps

- Built a full-stack + algorithm team
- Contributed most codes on GitHub last these 2 years, and use Pull Request to do code review
- Inherited an open source project CARTA ( from the US team and solved many issues
- Designed live collaborating - share screen server architecture

- Clients: Python, React, Electron
- Servers: Node.js (Meteor) and C++11 with Qt
- Others: MongoDB, Docker, Slack, CMake


Exosite, Development Manager, Dec 2015 ~ Jun 2016

Exosite ( is a US-based Internet of Things (IoT) software as a service company.

- Develop IoT Web Application for customers
- Develop internal web tools

- IoT web applications to setup Devices.

- React, Redux, Angular, Material-UI, OAuth
- Docker, MongoDB, Node.js, Meteor


ThroughTek Co., Ltd., Manager, May 2015 ~ Sep 2015

ThroughTek Co., Ltd. ( is an IoT (Internet of Things) total solution and surveillance systems company.

- Lead a Team (up to 20 people)
- Project management
- Architecture design & tech. problem-solving

- Solved a two-way audio call echo issue
- Launched a customized Push Notification project (MQTT)
- Launched a Chrome app project and contributed FFmpeg codes
- Launched a cross-platform library project
- Designed an open source Node.js server architecture to overcome proprietary protocol issues


Oplink Communications, LLC, Software Engineer, Manager, Nov 2010 ~ Apr 2015

Worked at IoT startup department of Oplink Communications which is a US-based business manufacturing and selling optical components. It's acquired by

- Coding for iOS, Win/Windows Phone: 

  • UI and Network component design
  • Video, Audio encode/decode/streaming in the surveillance system, 
  • Smart home (home security & automation) features 

- Team + Project Management
- Streaming Architecture Design: 

  • P2P (hole punching), 
  • Protocol (TCP, UDP, RTP, etc), 
  • QoS, 
  • Turn Relay Server

- Built iOS/WP Apps from scratch
- Built iOS + Windows Team across sites (up to 6p)
- Introduced Agile Project Management, Git
- Improved Video Streaming Performance
- AWS maintenance


Quanta Computer Inc., Software Engineer, Mar 2009 ~ Jun 2010

Worked at SI (smart input) department of Quanta ( which is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of notebook computers and other electronic hardware.

- Algorithms, Network Program (Socket Server), UI

- US Patent: Image-based coordinate input apparatus and method utilizing buffered images, US8493362 B2
- Port Win Driver to Linux, remaster Ubuntu, wxWidgets painter app
- Education App (key feature: screen sharing) & Touch Game

Stack: C, C++, C#, WPF



National Taiwan University, 碩士學位, Master of Physics, 2004 ~ 2007

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National Taiwan University, 學士學位, Bachelor of Physics, 2000 ~ 2004

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Programming Languages

  • C & C++: 2 year 
  • C#: 3 year 
  • Objective-C: 4 year 
  • Python: 2 year 
  • JavaScript & Node.js: 4 year 
  • TypeScript: 1 year 
  • Go


  • Mobile Desktop 
  • Frontend 
  • Backend 
  • Leadership 
  • Project management


  • Smart Home (IoT)
  • Surveillance system (encode/decode/streaming)
  • Radio Astronomy
  • AI