2011 - 2015

National University of Tainan

Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Engineering


  • C, Rust, Python, C#, Java
  • ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, Flask, Scrapy
  • PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server
  • SQLAlchemy, Celery, Selenium, PostGIS
  • Azure, CI/CD, Docker, Git

Open-source contributions



Back End Engineer

狂點軟體開發股份有限公司  •  十月 2019 - 三月 2021

• Collaborate with Unity team for RESTful API and geolocation API
  o Pass JMeter C10K load test plan
• Build single sign-on service
  o Support external identity providers: Google, Facebook, Apple
• Build real-time web service
• Build Webhook service
• Configure Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline to automatically build and deploy

Back End Engineer

盈碩數位有限公司  •  四月 2016 - 八月 2019

• Collaborate with frontend and design team
  1. Develop Blokcert official website
    o Pass JMeter C10K load test plan
  2. Develop TuneSearch website
    o Reverse image search, Face recognition, Deep video analytics
  3. Develop intelligent fleet management system
    o Improve raw data importing performance by 3 times
• Project development
  1. Wi-Fi Radar
  Detect and identify who passes through the area through Wi-Fi signals
    o Improve feature extractor performance by 10 times
  2. Packet INT
  Analyze packets and identify network attack techniques and attackers
    o Improve feature extractor performance by 10 times
  3. AntiCheat protector
  Software packing for prevent memory editing at run-time
    o Compatible with Windows PE loader
    o Friendly to high demand for real-time interaction
  4. VM detector
  Check the target system is running in a virtual machine
    o Support virtualization platform: VMWare
    o Support operating system: Windows, Linux
• Develop tools to assist front-end work

Information team member

昱通資訊事業股份有限公司  •  十一月 2015 - 三月 2016

• Maintenance IT system
• Develop android app for on-street parking billing

Software Developer ( Part-time )

必答科技股份有限公司  •  三月 2015 - 九月 2015

• Develop MustDa voice assistant
  o Customize Taiwanese Mandarin voice recognition model to 80% accuracy

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