Gwyneth Lin / 林于倫

Dedicated as BIOS test engineer and Software Application engineer about 9 years.

  Taipei City, Taiwan

        Hi, here is Gwyneth! #Teamwork Lover #LoveToLean.

(I know it's a little bit hard to read or you can just call me "Great News".)

The following resume is in response to Synaptics Taiwan job position on the website for Firmware QA Engineer. I have been work as SW BIOS test engineer for 2 years and 3 months, and as a Software Application engineer for 6 years and 7 months in COMPAL. All I was join with total 14 projects for now.

             BIOS test engineer for HP Tablet/Notebook, 2012-2014

        I'm responsible for BIOS test engineer responsible for BIOS function test, test plan checked and test result analyze, co-work with project function teams and customers.

     Software Application engineer for Dell Gaming Notebook, 2015-2021
       I'm responsible for SA engineer for Dell Gaming NB's weekly BIOS basic feature test, and overnight stress setting routine for issue analyze.

And I'm the AW Project Driver content windows for Synaptics Touch pad, Alienware Command Center application, Dominator application,

MSFT(Win 11), Intel Chipset/MEI/0RST/Senior IO,
Realtek Card reader, On Screen Display application.

        As project's requirement, the test environment will from Win8 to Win11/OS Inside build.

       For sure, I need to co-working with other function teams and not just only the costumer or vendors. Especially SW/Thermal/HW for AWCC and OC application lighting and Thermal performance issues.

        I'm loved with TEAM WORK for JOB! And I hope using my experience and full of passions to help verify reliability in this team.

I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you that hope my experience of BIOS and Note Book test can meet your needs.

Thanks again! :)

Work experience from Feb. 2012 to Jul. 2014

BIOS test engineer at Compal Electronics, Inc

[For HP tablet/NB project]

1. BIOS Basic Function Power management S3/S4/S5/Connected Standby Testing.
- HP specific features testing.
- BIOS setup menu configuration and tests features functionality.
2. Component testing
        - G-Sensor, Light-sensor, Touch Screen FW update, battery icon info check.
3. Bootleg BIOS provides
        - Compile and provide bootleg BIOS for other function team testing.
        - Fail symptoms and info collection for issue analysis.

  (CMOS data, system info, BIOS log)

- Tracking and analysis fail results, seeking easy duplicate steps.
- HP specific testing tool WinPVT/WinPMT configuration and Run-in Stress Setup.

- Co-work with other function team members and chip vendors for issue clarification. 

   (SW BIOS/HW/Validation team)
- Test environment Win7/8 setting.
- Help team members coding BIOS patch for weekly BIOS release.

Work experience from May. 2015 to Dec. 2021

Software Application engineer at Compal Electronics, Inc

1. Verify weekly BIOS release basic function.

      - Dell specific features testing.
      - BIOS setup menu configuration and tests features functionality.

2. Component testing, Power management features confirm

      - Sleep/Hibernate/Restart/Shutdown, Lid close/on function

      - IO port features confirm(HDMI/Type c Display port)

      - Touchpad Keyboard basic features test.

      - Lighting test for AW project

       All of the ELC FW basic features test by AWCC application which include Tron, back loop lighting and               Keyboard back lighting, Power button by unit features.

3. Overnight stress setting routine for issue analyzing.

      - Collection fail symptom and log for issue analysis.(Dell STPM tool, Graphic performance tool)

      - Check fail even log, tool log, MS dump file with Win-debug tool
4. AW Project Driver Owners for:

      - Alienware Command Center application, Dominator application(OverClocking controller),

      - Synaptics Touch pad, MSFT(Win 11), Intel Chipset/MEI/RST/Senior IO, Realtek Card reader,
      - On Screen Display application.

5. Test environment with Win8/Win10/Win11/OS Inside build
6. Co-working with customer and driver vendor, COMPAL SW/Thermal/Power/HW/Validation team for            AWCC and OC application issues.

Education Background

Hsing Wu University of Science and Technology - Bachelor degree, 2007

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