Yao-Sheng Chiu

Data Scientist / Web Developer


  • Software Skills : C++ / Linux / Python / R / React.js / Node.js / Express.js / MySQL / MongoDB
  • Other Skills : Design thinking / Project management / Psychology

A student who dares to challenge himself
In high school, I chose to leave the meaningless classroom and devote my limited time to self-study programming. Finally, I used the APCS certificate to apply for the Department of Industrial and Information Management (only 1 place) .

A student who applies web development in education
I integrated the skills of web development into the camp’s curriculum, and set up a website with various clues and cryptography knowledge in it, so that high school students can experience what it feels like to be a hacker.

A student who likes to share
I have established my own personal fan club, write articles on programming learning, learning journeys and career exploration.


Work Experience

Data Science Group Leader  •  Google Developer Student Club

Jul 2021 - Present

I led 4 teaching assistants and opened a 25-person Python data science workshop for students from the non-electrical college of National Cheng Kung University. Published post on the final results, with a total of 10 sharing.

USR Project Front-End Engineer / Webmaster  •  NUTN

Jul 2021 - Feb 2022

Use October to maintain the website, complete the instructions given by PM, and write HTML and CSS to change part of the content of the webpage (http://tfre.nutn.edu.tw/)

Program Tutor  •  Myself

Jul 2020 - Present

I helped 10 students in the department with programming after-school tutoring to help them get good grades, 3 of whom were in the top 5 in the class.Teaching content includes C++, Python, and Data Structures and Algorithms.


MeiChu Hackathon | First Place

Jul 2018

In the team, I am responsible for surveying users, providing my ideas to teammates to design programs, and at the same time preparing to report PPT to the stage report, because the ideas I provide are the most consistent.
According to the needs of users, it won the favor of the reviewers and won first place.

AIS3 Software Development Security and Software Engineering Group |
Best Project Award

Jul 2019 

I set the interval of typing when the user enters the password as verification, and use one class SVM for training and prediction.

NCKU Hult Prize | Second Place

Jan 2021 

In response to the social issue of leftover food, I designed a business model and created a C2C platform, so that people with leftover food can sell things, and people who need a small amount of food can buy food cheaply.

Online Course

Objected-Oriented Data structure in C++

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  •  Coursera

Python for Data Science, AI & Development by IBM

IBM  •  Coursera

The Complete 2022 Web Development Bootcamp

Angela Yu  •  Udemy

Introduction to Psychology 

Yale University  •  Coursera


2020 - 2024

National Cheng Kung University  •  Cross College Elite Program