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WANG Han-Sheng|王涵聖

Experienced with data analysis and now passionate about audio programming. Willing to challenge myself and learn new technologies, especially interested in audio-related applications (noise cancellation, source separation, etc.).


National Taiwan University

2018 - 2021

Master of Science in Physics

  • Courses include: Digital Signal Processing, Stochastic Signals and Systems

2014 - 2018

Bachelor of Science in Physics

  • Courses include: Data Structure and Programming, Introduction to Computer Networks, Microelectronics
  • Extracurricular activities: NTU Rock Club, Student Association of Physics Dept.

Research and Coding Experience

Feasibility Study of Searching B → Kνν Decay at Belle II Experiment (Master Thesis)

  • Joined the international Belle II Collaboration, which consists of over 100 institutes from 26 countries.
  • Used Linux workstations, frameworks and libraries written in C++ and Python.
  • Conducted analysis with machine learning and statistical methods.

Bass Envelope Filter (VST audio plugin)

  • Implemented with JUCE (C++ framework), composed of an envelope follower and a state variable filter.

Arrow Shooting Game (final project of "Introduction to Computer Networks)

  • In charge of the main program design (with C++ and OpenCV).
  • 40+ files and 2000+ rows of codes.



  • Linux
  • C++
  • Python
  • Data structure
  • OOP

Data Analysis

  • Machine learning
  • Statistics
  • numpy, pandas
  • Data visualization (matplotlib, seaborn)


  • Digital signal processing
  • DAWs (Ableton)
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