Experienced at Data Visualization, Web Scraping, Statistical Inference, Data Mining, and Machine Learning. 


國立政治大學 - 統計學系 碩士,  2010/09 ~ 2012/06

國立中興大學 - 應用數學系 學士, 2006/09 ~ 2010/06 


Data scientist     SHOPLINE    Jan 2019 ~ Aug 2019

 Dashboard product planning and design.

 Internal data requirement analysis.

Data scientist     Unistar Corp.    Mar 2017 ~ Jan 2019

Data Mining 

Present detailed reports to answer business or operational questions

 Analysis customers conversion rate by Google Analytics.

 User segmentation to solving complex ad-hoc projects based on company requirements.

 Use click tracking (Frequent Sequence Mining) to improving user experience.

To extract data insights and visualization plots to make recommendations.

Risk Control

 Calculate theoretically probability

 Randomized trial Testing

 Customer profit monitoring by monte carlo method

Business Intelligence    Unistar Corp.     Apr 2016 ~  Mar 2017

 Gather and analyze business requirements from planning department.

 Designed and implemented data warehousing project. 

 Building business Intelligence dashboard by Tableau.

Data Analyst     Softstar Entertainment Inc.  Jun 2015 - Mar 2016

 Co-working with PM translate the goals into a data mining problem definition.

 Analyzed game (明星志願、魔女異聞錄) related data via exploratory data analysis discover initial insights to understanding game progression and cluster groups (Kohonen maps, k-Means) for classify different potential customer.

 Write well-organized reports, prepare impressive slides for presentations.


Knowledge : Business Intelligence、Data Modeling、Machine Learning 、Data Mining 、Data Visualization 

                       Statistical Data Analysis 、Web Crawling、SQL

Tools : R、Python、SPSS、Oracle、SQL Server、Excel、Big Query、Sparklyr

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