柯定吟 Nicole Ko

A debater, A  teacher, A traveler, A illustrator, and A story-teller. 



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Nicole's Story World, Artist, Aug 2018 ~ 現在

Nicole's Story World, Storyteller, Jul 2018 ~ 現在

Neihu Vocational High School, Teacher, Aug 2015 ~ 現在

1. A homeroom teacher in Department of Applied Foreign Language.
2. Designed courses of story-telling with picture books.
3. Opened a literature course: "Sense and Sensibility" by Jane Austen
4. Held workshops, "Critical Thinking and Backpacking 思辨的背包旅行"

Professor Charlotte Chang's Debate Team, NTNU, Team Coordinator , Dec 2011 ~ Jan 2016

1. Designed projects to incorporate critical thinking into English teaching.
2. Directed a forum for teachers to implement lesson plans of critical thinking related topics.
3. Published a book, “Critical Thinking in Daily Life” with Professor Charlotte Chang of National Taiwan Normal University.

Taoyuan Senior High School, Teacher, Jul 2010 ~ Jul 2015

Selected Project Experiences
1. Designed courses for New Age Student Leadership Camp.
2. Organized annual English drama contest.
3. Coached students to win the best debater in Taipei European School.
4. Facilitated friendly environment on campus for two exchange students from Australia and France.
5. Coached students to win prizes in National Speech Contes.


National Taiwan Normal University, 碩士學位, Psychology, 2012 ~ 2015

National Taiwan Normal University, 文學士(BA), TESOL, 2005 ~ 2009

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