Haralambos "Bobby" Geroulanos

Business or Finance Industry  •  Miami, FL, US  •  [email protected]

Haralambos "Bobby" Geroulanos is a current student at the University of Miami. He's passionate about business and finance and is interested in how properly planning a business's finances can allow innovative and incredible ideas to come to life. He also believes helping others is vitally important and thinks philanthropy should make up some part of everyone's lives.



Finance is the backbone of business and Haralambos Geroualnos recognizes the importance of attention to finances in order to cultivate a successful company.


Haralambos "Bobby" Geroulanos has always been passionate about business and hopes to use his knowledge of finance to help businesses reach their innovative goals.


Bobby Geroulanos has extensive experience working in the construction industry. He has worked as a laborer and as a personal assistant to management, so he's seem a variety of aspects of the industry.


Spinn Construction LLC, June 2016 - August 2016

Bobby worked as a personal assistant and helped with administrative tasks and kept an organized schedule in order to best assist those in charge of Spinn Construction LLC. He also oversaw projects and ensured they were successfully completed according to the company's guidelines.

Trident Developers NY LLC, June 2013 - Sept 2014

Haralambos "Bobby" Geroulanos kept an organized schedule in order to best meet the needs of the company and those who relied on his assistance in keeping the office organized and running efficiently. He assisted office workers with any projects or help they may need by remaining flexible and willing to take on and learn how to manage new responsibilities. Bobby also made sure office was organized and files were properly handled.


Pay a visit to Haralambos "Bobby" Geroulanos's website that focuses on philanthropy and the various ways it benefits others.


Learn more about Haralambos "Bobby" Geroulanos's hobbies and interests, such as music, travel, and sports.

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