Harris Lin

Software Engineer

I'm passionate about learning new approaches to solve problems and believe the world can be better if we treat the problem in the right way!



   [email protected]


   C  language      C sharp      MySQL      Docker      Python   

Work Experience 

Microsoft Technology Center -

Technical Assistant Intern

Microsoft Taiwan

Jul. 2021 - Present
Taipei, Taiwan

Support partners solving problems on the Azure platform.
Build PoC ( prove of concept ) for our customer.
Introduce different solutions to various industries.

Computer Programming - 
Teaching Assistant 

Tamkang University

Sept. 2021 - Present

Linear Algebra 
Teaching Assistant 

Tamkang University

Feb. 2021 - Jun. 2021

Engineering Mathematics -

Teaching Assistant

Tamkang University

Sept. 2020 - Jan. 2021

Follow the Professor's order to teach college students.
Implement the case using the C code.
Demonstrate case solving concepts and tricks.
Understanding questions from students and giving out quick responses.

Computer Service Team - Vice Leader

Tamkang University

Sept. 2018 - Oct. 2020

Troubleshooting software, hardware and Internet on computers for Tamkung Campus.
Remotely assist users to solve problems.
Secure every teammate's work performance.

Education Background

2020 - 2022

Tamkang University - Master of Science

Computer Science - Intelligent Computing and Application

2017 - 2020

Tamkang University - Bachelor of Science

Computer Science


Joseph Lin

Assistant Professor, CSIE, TKU

Harris Lin has been my teaching assistant for one year and has done excellent jobs. His duties include grading assignments and also lecturing in practice lessons. Harris has shown his competitive abilities in mathematics and coding as well as excellent communication skills, which have aided in his cooperation with me and discussion with students. Harris has a very positive personality. He is kind, energetic and easy to get along with. To whom it may concern, I recommend Harris unreservedly and wish him all the best.

Working project for a Master's Degree 

Li-Fi - Visible Light Network

Using visible light as the signal wave to transmit data wirelessly. Building faster and more secure networks in a low-cost way by implementing the Li-Fi concept using Raspberry Pi and LEDs.

Participant Projects

 teamee — Workout social media

teamee, is an app that aims to provide a social platform where individuals interested in sports and other physical activities can connect and team up with each other to workout in person.

Money Guard — Financial Gardener

The start-up team, Money Guard, aims to provide apps that can help you save money in daily life.
Tracking personal account status by syncing the bank account or uploading monthly bill checks to the app. Our app can calculate if your daily cost has a better solution.

Zenbo - Ordering Robot

An ordering Zenbo robot app.
Combine face identification to login and QR Code for ordering. Reduce labor costs and increase interactions with customers.


Shipment Web Crawler

Using web crawler techniques to crawl whether the ship is arrived or not.

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