Harry Yuan (袁浩)

 Ruby On Rails Web Developer 

New Taipei City  •  TW  •  [email protected]

Basic Info


Bachelor in Computer Science, 
National Taipei University, 2015~2019 


  • TOEIC 940 with full score on listening 
  • GEPT high-intermediate level passed  


Goodnight App Backend Intern, Jul 2019 ~ Dec 2019

RoR Development

  • Feature developing for main app server.
  • Created a User status control platform for internal use


  • Helped plan new RDS tables for new features.

Goodnight App - Software Engineer (Back End) Dec 2019 ~ 現在

RoR Development

  • Troubleshooting & feature developing for main app server using RoR.
  • Created 2 more consoles with RoR for in-company use:

    1. Picture moderation platform: remake one for better maintenance.
    2. Event Ranking platform: allows backend team to modify & launch new event rankings on need.
  • Applied caching for frequently-used APIs using MemCached and Redis.
  • Optimized some ActiveRecord queries to be 40%+ faster


  • Write SQL queries to fetch and organize data for operations team to check campaign results.
  • Planned & created new RDS tables for new features.


  • Deployed services on EC2, ECS & Elastic beanstalk.

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