Hugo Chen

Gopher and Software Engineer with 4+ years of experience in building microservices system on Kubernetes clusters. Master's Degree in Computer Science and Information Engineering (CSIE) from National Yunlin University of Sciences and Technology, familiar with English and Chinese, now working in Glasnostic.

software engineer
[email protected]

Work Experiencs

Glasnostic, Software Engineer, Feb 2021 ~ Now

  • Backend: Go, Kubernetes
    • Developed and maintained microservices, including writing unit tests and integration tests.
    • Developed streaming data API to avoid long request time and provide more responsive user experience.
    • Developed webhook service for users to integrate with our product.
    • Developed anomalies service for users to notice unusual network traffic.
  • Glasnostic Data Plane: Go, C++, Envoy, Kubernetes
    • Developed single node mode installation option for data plane instead of previous daemon set mode.
    • Identified and fixed root causes of envoy filter crashes.
    • Developed end-to-end tests for deploying Glasnostic on Kubernetes clusters in Python and Shell Script.
    • Developed demo microservice application to demonstrate sudden network traffic surge.
  • DevOps: Kubernetes, GitHub Actions, Docker, AWS
    • Migrated backend application and databases from AKS to GKE.
    • Deployed Redis cluster on Kubernetes. ∗ Migrated the CI/CD pipeline from Travis CI to GitHub Actions.
    • Traced and identified issues for data plane product and backend server under Kubernetes cluster environments.

Telexpress, Software Engineer, Sep 2018 ~ Feb 2021

  • Voice Bot: Python, Flask, MongoDB
    • Lead developer for the real-time streaming low latency bi-directional system which integrates the telephony system and text-based chatbot service developed in Python.
    • Developed a dynamic voice activity detection algorithm to further improve the user experience.
    • Developed a key words correction algorithm to reduce 40% character error rate.
    • Improve the key words detection rate by 28.6% by building a customized ASR system.
  • E-commerce Platform: C#, .Net, SQL Server
    • Developed questionnaire feature for the platform.
    • Integrated open source BI tool into the platform for report generations.
    • Developed a new chatting channel on WeChat for customer service.


National Yunlin University of Sciences and Technology, Master, Computer Science and Information Engineering, 2016 ~ 2018

Thesis: “Semi-supervised Learning Using Generative Adversarial Networks”

Chang Gung College, Bachelor, Computer and Information Science, 2011 ~ 2015



Customized OpenAI gym environment to train reinforcement learning agents for trading in crypto markets.


A highly scalable url shortener service to reduce a long link. Using flask, MongoDB, Redis, and hosted on DigitalOcean.


An iOS app written in swift which uses Tensorflow to train a photo rating model and transfer it to a Tensorflow Lite model and integrated into the app.

Insult Puppy

A frontend practice project in which the insult contents come from Evil Insult Generator API and the Puppies images come from RandomDog API. Developed using Vue. Host on Netlify.

Languages and Technologies

  • Programming Languages: Go, Python, Shell Script, C/C++.
  • Technologies: Kubernetes, Git, Docker, MongoDB, InfluxDB, GitHub Actions.
  • Cloud Platforms: AWS, Azure, GCP.

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