Harsh Srivastava

I'm a freelance copywriter and I currently have an internship with a boss company called Sezzle.

I don't like to charge per hour, word or article because these things are very speculative and I don't really have a metric for these things yet.

I'll charge you in royalties so that you don't lose any money and only pay me for the value I bring you, not what I say I do.

As a person and even at work I'm what is called a practical perfectionist. I'm super realistic and understand the limitations that somebody can have, but I'm also super resourceful and can work exceptionally with what you have to get what you want. 

This ends up making a sort of lone wolf, because people don't like it when you tell them they're being sissies, but I don't really mind. I get the work done, and I do it better than you even hoped for.

Bangalore, IN
[email protected]

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