Hazel Lin

Back-End Developer

  Taipei, Taiwan

A software developer is always seeking innovative products and solutions.
As a lifetime self-learner, being curious about tech, languages, and fun facts, eager to build exciting tech products with open-minded teams and corporations.



Backend & Frontend Development

  • JavaScript, C++, Python, R

  • Node.js, Express, Socket.IO

  • HTML, Pug, CSS, jQuery

Cloud Service(AWS) & Environments

  • EC2, S3, ElastiCache, RDS, Auto Scaling

  • Linux, Docker, NGINX

Database & Version Control

  • MySQL, MongoDB, Redis

  • Git, GitHub

Automated Testing & Others

  • K6, Gherkin, mocha

  • Lua Script, Swagger, Bootstrap



A developers' tool for automated tests and documents 

  • Derived from the BDD (Behavior-Driven Development) concept, and provided an integration testing tool for non-developers

  • Organized test creation and execution simultaneously with Redis queue job

  • Designed multi-level tests and database schema with MongoDB

  • Constructed test CRUD operations with RESTful API pattern

  • Assured tests data atomicity in the database by implementing transaction operations

  • Executed integration testing with axios

  • Updated real-time test status by Redis publish/subscribe

  • Utilized WebSocket to update test result charts immediately with Socket.IO

  • Generated testable documents by compiling Gherkin

  • Conducted unit testing and integration testing for long-term maintainability

Short URL

A service provides conversion between long URLs and short URLs

  • Experimented with 3 different strategies of generating short URLs

    • Generated short URL by hashing long URL with MD5

    • Encoded ID of long URL in databases from Base10 to Base62

    • Created short URLs by key generator

  • Optimized the best combination among Amazon RDS and EC2 cloud computing service plans

  • Obtained the most economical solution of $2400 per month to provide 500 million URLs per month


An E-commerce website combines online shopping and social media

  • Deployed stateless system with Amazon EC2, RDS, and ElastiCache

  • Applied load balancing and auto scaling to server and testing it with K6

  • Maintained documents with Swagger for the backend and frontend team when developing new features


Back-End Engineer  •  AppWorks School

Jun. 2022 - Present

- Implemented 3 rate limiter algorithms defending from DDoS attacks including Fixed Window, Sliding Logs, and Sliding Window Counter
- Collaborated with a frontend team in Scrum framework with Trello and Notion
- Analyzed the best combination of cloud computing plans and highest available loading for URL shortener service

General Education Center Teaching Assistant  •  National Chengchi University

Sep. 2020 - Jun. 2022

- Deployed file upload website by utilizing Flask framework and Google Workspace cloud service
- Planned events for 100 student participants and communicating with related staff and associations

Research Assistant  •  Foundation of Urban Development and Environmental Education

Sep. 2017 - Feb. 2019

- Made proposals and executed 8-10 workshops for 50 participants per year as a facilitator
- Designed questionnaires measuring customer satisfaction for local industry area customer center


2020 - 2022

National Chengchi University

Master of Arts in Urban Planning

2019 - 2020

Meiji University

Exchange Student in Commerce School

2015 - 2020

National Chengchi University

Urban Planning

Additional Skills


Experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


  • Native: Mandarin
  • Proficient: English (TOEIC 825), Japanese (JLPT N1)
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