Huseyin Can

  Warsaw, Poland

Hello, I am Can, I am passionate about Data Science, Machine Learning and AI technologies. I am about to finish my graduate studies in Data Science and Business Analytics at University of Warsaw. I am constantly learning and combining passion with professional practice. At the same time, I am looking for professional opportunities to deepen my knowledge and work with the best in this field.

      hcan-m       [email protected]     +48 510 686 315


   Pyhton, Pandas, Numpy, Scikit-Learn, Flask, Selenium, Scrapy 

     R, tidyverse, dplyr, tidy, purrr, ggplot2, Shiny

   Tensorflow, Keras, BERT

   Excel   SQL   HTML   Git

Languages: Turkish, English 

Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Data Science, Machine Learning, Algorithm

Teamwork, attention to details, adaptability,
problem-solving, learning quickly, analytical thinking

Work Experience

NLP Developer & Voc Analyst  •  Huawei

December 2020 - Present

  • Gathering, cleaning, augmenting and preparing Voice of Customer data.
  • Fine-tuning the BERT for text classification task.
  • Building a web application for recommendation of a given text's category to the user in order to speed up the categorization and reporting process.
  • Monitoring and analyzing public opinion and identifying major complaints and discovering problems of users.

Technical Support Advisor  •  Teleperformance

August 2018 - January 2019

  •  Providing technical and non-technical support to customers
  •  Troubleshooting, isolating and solving issues
  •  Maintain a friendly, professional manner and calm, positive attitude when handling complains
  •  Answering inbound calls, dealing with questions efficiently and effectively and input data into system

Product Management and Strategic Marketing Intern  •  Yurtici Kargo

February 2017 - March 2017

  •  Taking part in creation of new campaigns.
  •  Innovative research for improving sales.
  •  Taking a part in integration between company’s and client's system.
  •  Solving technical issues of campaigns.


University of Warsaw     2019–2021

MA, Data Science and Business Analytics

Ege University                  20122017

Bachelor, Economics

Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra           2015–2016

Bachelor, Economics / Erasmus +


Web Application

MyMovieBase: creating custom watch lists (Python, Flask, MySQL, HTML) 

Analytical Dashboard

(Shiny, R, tidyverse) 

Unsupervised Learning

Clustering, Dimension reduction and Association Rules project (RStudio)

Web Scraping

Web Scraper for (Python, Selenium, Scrapy) 

Econometric Research

FDI, financial sector development and economic growth: an econometric analysis for countries with different levels of economic development. Panel Data (R, dplyr, lmtest, plm) 

Machine Learning

Used Car Price Prediction with Linear Regression, KNN and Random Forest. 
Cross-Sell Prediction with Random Forest, XGBoost.
(Python, pandas, numpy, sklearn, matplotlib, xgboost)

Text Mining

Topic Modeling and Sentiment Analysis on Gamestop Tweets extracted from Twitter.

(Python, pandas, numpy, sklearn, NLTK, tweepy)

Artificial Intelligence NLP

Web application for recommendation of a given text's category with using BERT. (Python, pandas, BERT, TF, Keras, Flask, SQL)

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