Heidi Helen Pilypas

I'm a freelance designer currently specializing in user interface design for mobile apps. I've designed for both iOS and Android. I've also worked on logos, promotional designs, marketing material, and websites.

[email protected]
+61 406 732 594
Adelaide, South Australia


Interface Design

One of my top skills is designing user interfaces for apps. I've spent over 1,000 hours in Sketch, which is my preferred design tool. I'm also skilled in using Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.

Attention to Detail

Little details stand out to me. I care about things such as spelling and grammar, alignment, kerning, spacing of elements, and accuracy of data. I do things well and precisely.


I'm a mean copywriter. Okay, maybe a nice one. I'm good at coming up with something to say to promote a product. I'm also good at proofreading and ensuring excellence in the written form.

Work Experience

Co-Creator of Stamp Pack, September 2016 - Present

I designed and co-created the popular iMessage sticker app, Stamp Pack, with indie app developer Ish ShaBazz. It's success led to expanding it to a standalone iOS app, where stamps can be copied and pasted to other mediums. My role includes mocking up the user interface and designing elements for both apps, creating marketing material and promoting it on social media. I also manage the database by adding and removing stamps. Additionally, I shape and plan the app, as a product designer.


Design Consultant with Illuminated Bits, 2014 - Present

Giving feedback on apps, user testing, discussing UX, and creating user interface designs and documentation.


Freelance Designer at Heidi Helen Creative, 2013 - Present

Working as a freelance designer on various projects including apps, icons, marketing material and logos.



Certificate IV in IT (Websites), TAFE SA, 2011 - 2012

I learnt visual principles to designing a website as well as basic web development.

Bachelor of Visual Arts, University of South Australia, 2007 - 2009

I specialised in photography and digital art, and learnt design principles.

What I Can Do For You

 Icon Design

Need an icon designed for your app? I can do both app icons and icons for tab bars, toolbars and buttons.

 App Design

I can design an app from scratch or redesign an pre-existing app to have better UX and up-to-date UI.

 App Feedback

You can consult with me for feedback on how your app can be improved including user experience and visual design.

 Marketing Material

Need marketing material designed to promote your product or service? I can create artwork ready to share on social media.


Ish ShaBazz  

Founder, Illuminated Bits

Over the last year, it has been my great pleasure to work with Heidi. Her attention to detail and ability to detect even the smallest flaw (sometimes down to a fraction of a pixel) is uncanny. I cannot recommend her and her work highly enough, and I personally can’t wait to work with her again in the future.

Mina Tadrous  

Founder, Voomme

I've worked with Heidi on a few projects, most notably is my app called Voom. She has created a visually stunning design for the app along with an impressive website. Heidi is a very talented and creative artist and she has been a great addition to our team. I recommend her without reservation.

Harris Karim  

CEO, Tiki App

Heidi is both a competent and extremely enthusiastic evaluator of mobile apps. She goes through the UX / UI in minute detail that allowed me to understand the user pain points in better detail – and take corrective action to ensure our app becomes a success. Heidi is a fantastic communicator, and I would implore anyone who is starting an app to have her run through it and give her thoughts…

Sid Chaturvedi  

Founder, Goodshows App

Heidi is one of the best users we got during our beta testing. She has an incredible eye for detail, understanding UX / UI, and gave us some excellent ideas to improve our app. These ideas greatly helped us to lessen the gap in UX, making our app much more viable for our users. Heidi is also very enthusiastic, clear, concise, and an excellent evaluator. You must have her in your app’s early access, to give her thoughts.

Adrian Sule  

Founder, TeekTak

When we had our first beta version launched, Heidi was very knowledgeable and gave us A LOT of awesome feedback that helped us improve the user flows and features. They say it only takes 5 real good users to test and reveal most of 85% of your application experience issues, and I would definitely have Heidi be one of that group! I would recommend Heidi to any startup out there, that needs an application experience audit, regardless of the platform web or native mobile, as she’ll have some amazing and valuable feedback to give you.

Agis Tsaraboulidis


Founder, SoundMemory Rush

Last year, I met Heidi. After a lot of talks about design and development and a lot more, I asked her for feedback about SoundMemory Rush (a fast-paced game with colors and sounds), more precisely about the In App Purchases experience. Her feedback about this kind of thing, the overall feedback about the game, and the tips she gave me about how to improve my designs was on point, and she helped me understand a lot about UX.