Henri Jian

Software Developer

  Taoyuan City, Taiwan

  [email protected]

I'm a 100% self-learning software engineer, learning things from theory to application iteratively to build up my toolbox, hoping one day to stand out in the CS field.



Software Developer • SYMMA Technology

May 2018 - June 2021

Responsible for developing and maintaining PCB CAM software, the things I do are divided by their functionalities into the following.

  • PCB CAM(Computer-Aid Manufacture for Printed Circuit Board)

Using Delphi, Pascal programming language and Lazarus IDE to build the PCB CAM software named CAMPro.

The thing I do in developing CAMPro are using design pattern to build up the framework and using computational geometry to analyze the correctness of the input of PCB design.

  • License Server

Using Python programming language to develop license server.

The licence server is for supervising the usage of CAMPro to limit the user to running CAMPro which is in the authorized version and amount before the expired date of the license.

Data transmission between license server and CAMPro reply on TCP.  

  • manual framework of PCB CAM 

Using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Pyton to build the framework of manual of PCB CAM software for technical writer.

Research Assistant of Bioinformatics • Taipei Medical University

September 2017 - February 2018

Responsible for analyzing pattern in DNA sequences using Python and building website of DNA database using Django framework.


National University of Tainan

Applied Mathematics

2011 - 2016



Fitbook is the website for tracking user daily exercise and body information then using chart to show the relationship between exercise and body information.




BYOW(Build Your Own World)

A little maze game, the player enter  different seeds to generate different mazes, after a maze generated, the player need to find the treasure in the generated maze to finish the game.

Skills:Java, A* algorithm, OOP




   Delphi      Pascal      Lazarus      Java      Python      HTML      CSS      JavaScript      Flask      Django      Shell Script      Git      C      SQL   


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