Henry Wang

Senior Blockchain Developer


Highly professional blockchain and front end engineer with 7 years of experience , solid leadership skills, and unrivalled building skills.
Competent in cloud platforms (AWS and Azure), databases (PL/SQL, MySQL, and SQL), tools (VS Code and Eclipse IDE), version control (Git), Ethereum tools (EthPM, Ganache CLI, True, Geth, Solidity, Ethereum Virtual Machine, and Remix), Front-end(React.js, Vue.js, web3.js, etc), API(REST, Moralis) and product testing.
Heavily involved in writing and deploying smart contracts and developing front-end.
[email protected]

Work Experience

Senior Ecommerce Developer  •  BlueStout

January 2021 - March 2022

- Remediate bugs and issues found during testing
- Developed 4+Shopify stores and Shopify Apps.
- Work in tight timelines on complex projects that require subject matter expertise
- Develop software components that meet the quality and architectural standards agreed for the team, including the documentation and implementation of unit tests, scripts and test harnesses.
- Be a passionate champion for design and development standards.
- Works/Consults across multiple projects.
- Resolve business issues within a timely manner

Full Stack Developer  •  ALT-CRAFT

September 2018 - November 2020

- Building PHP websites using PHP based frameworks especially Laravel.
- Planning and conducting cross-browser usability testing against W3C.
- Back end development and maintenance of websites using PHP and MySQL.
- Designed multiple dynamic and browser compatible pages using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (React, Redux, Router, Hook).
- Mentored 5 junior front end developers on JavaScript and Redux and trained the documentation practices used within the organization. Highly involved in the entire product development process from ideation to development and improvement for features, reaching over 250,000 users.
- Developed RESTful APIs used within the company to serve data based on dynamically chosen user inputs for a web application with over 275,000 concurrent users.

Full Stack Developer  •  GENESIX

January 2016 - June 2018

- Worked with React/Redux, Node.js/Epxress.js on a single-page application.
- Worked with MySQL, MongoDB
- Responsible for training and mentoring of junior developers, conducting code reviews, interviewing potential hires.
- Main responsibilities included creating, reviewing and conducting test cases and working on the software documentation.
- Experiences in Java, Python, C#, etc
- Designed and developed 20+ front-end and back-end applications utilizing React, Node.js and TypeScript
- Worked with Agile team across 4+ application domains
- Wrote structured, tested, readable and maintainable code.
- Developed web applications and components using Angular including software testing practices.


Vologda State Technical University

Information Technology

2010 - 2014


   Laravel      React      Vue        Angular      Web3       Git      DApps      PHP        MySQL        MongoDB        HTML        JavaScript      CSS      TypeScript      Node.js      Express.js      REST API       jQuery      Shopify      ECommerce   


   English — Professional   

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