Herbert Lin /  Hsien-Chun Lin / @trisix

Senior Product Manager / App Developer / Product Designer 
@ Polydice, Inc. ,Taipei ,Taiwan 

 Email: [email protected]  /  Phone: (+886) 0972-876-062 

Use "Anderson Lin" as an alias for a long time. 
Just because I used that nickname as a DJ in a student radio station when I was at university. And I like that nickname.

About Me

A geeky cat person who thrill to solving problems, make something interesting, and make things happened. 
Want to build my own game when I was little so I learn a lot of different stuffs.  
Find making mobile app is an alternative way to get satisfied. 
Love to try / learn / adapt new things and sometimes abuse them to achieve some desired / interested goals. 
Try understand complex problems and solve them with simple/tricky hacks.
Fast learner. 


Senior Product Manager @ Polydice, Inc.,June 2018 - Now

  • Basically a human proxy for product development in app, operation, e-commerce, and sales.
  • Try to understand and prioritize both users' and stakeholders' needs and limitations. Then set goals and make them happened.  Either work with or dispatch to other coworkers or get it done by myself. Depends on the scope.
  • Monitoring and make sure things still working after release. 
  • Identify issues via customer service, issue reports, or data analytic tools, then dispatch to other coworkers to fix and follow up. 
  • Get any information related to products which may/can be used to discuss or make decisions.

App Developer / Product Designer @ Polydice, Inc. ,October 2011- Now

  • Mainly work for "愛料理" app.
  • Start as an iOS developer.
  • Later start to work as a product designer for app UI/UX design.
  • Later start to work as an Android developer.
  • Currently work as coordinator of app development. 
  • Major achievements :
    • Make "愛料理" app iOS version online with persistent maintenance. 
    • Make "愛料理" app Android version online with persistent maintenance.
    • Make Several app UI revamps since 2011.
    • Several times featured by Google Play or App Store.
    • Get Android Excellence with "愛料理" app Android version.


App Development

Familiar With: 

Objective-C / Swift / Java / Kotlin / Android Studio / Xcode / Gradle / Cocoapods / Git

What I Can Do:

  • Survey and evaluate suitable 3rd-party libraries or tools for app development.
  • Build or review app features. 
  • Test, identify and fix bugs.

App Design

Familiar With:

Sketch / inVision / Zeplin / Photoshop / Framer / Pen & Paper

What I Can Do:

  • Survey and evaluate suitable design tools for better design flow.
  • Make wireframes ,mockups, and prototypes to test and demonstrate.
  • Discussion with stakeholders . ,developers ,designers to understand their thoughts, needs, limitations and goals then make app designs which work.

Problem Solving

Familiar With: 

Quip / Asana / Slack / Google Sheets / MindNode / Coggle / Pen & Paper

What I Can Do:

  • Learn and Understand different trends,  methodologies or tools to keep a wide toolset for problem solving
  • Identify problems and goals via various ways from face to face communication to system log. 
  • Gain as much information as I can
  • Make multiple plans or workflows using mind map. 
  • Keep stakeholders and related coworkers in form via various tools for project management or collaboration. Discuss with them and make adjustments or iteration.
  • Execute. Check if problems are solved. 
  • If not, try fix or create new plans or workflows and try again.


Familiar With:

Chinese / English / Taiwanese

What I Can Do: 

  • Basic level of fluent reading, listening, speaking, and writing in Chinese & English for communication in workplace.

Customer Service

Familiar With:

Zendesk With Related Automation 

What I Can Do:

  • Understand problems users encountered. And gain as much detail information as I can. From users' scenarios to their system log.
  • Reply problems already have solutions.
  • Identify previous unknown problems , then discuss and dispatch to coworkers to fix and follow up.
  • After problems get solved. Reply to users and check.
  • Keep the customer service channel always clear and make sure users are always willing to share their thoughts with us.

Data Management 

Familiar With: 

SQL / Metabase / Big Query / GTM 

What I Can Do:

  • Use SQL/Big Query to query production database to get answer for business decision making or to get customized data for internal analytics/accounting usage.
  • Set up GTM scripts for customized analytic event and dynamic web features.

Internal Tooling

Familiar With:

Zapier / Shell Scripting / Cloud Function / Hubot

What I Can Do: 

  • Create script for internal operation and monitoring usage, such as 
    • Customized uptime check for some endpoints.
    • Backup operational data daily, use web hook as part of workflow to receive and send data.
    • Customized Slack Integration
    • Custom Hubot command.

Web Development

Familiar With:


What I Can Do: 

  • Basic web development.
  • Design/Build customized email template.
  • Use browser as a design tool. 

Video Production

Familiar With: 

FFmpeg / Premiere Pro / Video Filming With DSLR / After Effect

What I Can Do: 

  • Basic Video filming. 
  • Basic Video editing. 
  • Filming gears setup for filming.
  • Use FFmpeg to output customized video or gif for testing, promotion or operational purposes.


National Taiwan Normal University 

Master of Science in Computer Science

Attended from 2009 - 2011

National Central University

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Information Engineering

Graduated in 2009

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