Hillel Selznick

Hillel Selznick is an American artist, born in New York, known for his abstract paintings composed of brushy layers of alternating colors squares or stripes.

The work of Hillel Selznick, one of the most influential and well-known abstract painters in contemporary times, is marked by its delicate balance between reflection and vitality. His paintings often consist of stripes or layers of color arranged horizontally and vertically on an axis. This finely balanced approach to painting allows for a great deal of visual delicacy while still remaining refreshingly calm.

Selznick is a talented artist, who creates intentionally compelling spaces. His art is defined by acute concentration and care, involving constant negotiation between the monumental and the intimate. While giving primary importance to the physicality of his materials, Selznick’s art is commanded by the idea of humanity’s betterment.


Work Experience

Hillel Selznick's Atelier , Abstract Painter, Mar 1990 ~ Present

Over the course of his 30-year career, Hillel Selznick has created an influential body of work that has marked the development of contemporary abstraction.


The New York University, Bachelor’s Degree, Fine Arts, 1980 ~ 1985

Hillel Selznick holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the New York University.

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