Roger Ho

Rich experienced in full-stack development for over 8 years. 

Freelancing in the last few years and collaborate with some HK-Based startup and organization. Like HK01, Hypebest, GOGOVAN, and OneSky...etc. to develop a one-stop solution which fit their flexible development plan.

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(852) 6170-7155
Roger Ho

Hong Kong


Frontend: React, AngularJS, VueJS, Webpack, Javascript

Backend: NodeJS, Python, Java, PHP, Scala, Akka, Lambda, GraphQL, Contentful

Mobile: React Native, Veex, Ionic

Database: MySQL, Oracle, Mongo, Redis, Postgresql

DevOps: Docker, Kubernetes, AWS related


HYPEFEST by Hypebeast

Projects 01 00@2x 9a5a97084c8e268ae3725d8e03654d1815ae2eb597b59c292ae4d0beffa7b703

Mobile App developed by ReactNative. For a 2 days event named HYPEFEST.

User was able to view the full program rundown with event schedule, happening and news. Also provided geo-fenced marketplace to let the participant purchase the products at the festival

The app builds by me in 3 months. Included setup contentful API and data structure. The Marketplace hookup Shopify API for shopping cart

Skills : React-Native, Contentful API, Geo-Fenced

01 Heart by HK01

Projects 01 00@2x 9a5a97084c8e268ae3725d8e03654d1815ae2eb597b59c292ae4d0beffa7b703

HK01 Project to let NGO submit their campaign and let HK01 members donate the projects

Responsive WebApp developed by ReactJS and NodeJS. The launch phrases project build by me from scratch and required to lunch in a tight deadline.

My Responsive is build 3 web app (Admin Panel, Organization application form, Public facing ) and Backend API. The site also plugged in HK01 mobile app as web view and hookup HK01 self-developed payment gateway

Skills : React-JS, NodeJS, NextJS, MongoDB, AWS API-gateway and Lamdba, Microservice

Roarship by BOMBA

Projects 01 00@2x 9a5a97084c8e268ae3725d8e03654d1815ae2eb597b59c292ae4d0beffa7b703

Project from HK local YouTuber BOMBA. The aim to build a NETFLIX-like platform that selling the own video.

Used WordPress as the main infrastructure, also included WebSocket for messaging, AWS Elastic Transcoder for HLS streaming, Stripe/WeChatPay for payment

I worked with my partner to finished the initialize phrase. I mainly working on the Backend and DevOps side to solve the HLS streaming performance issue, Payment system hookup, WordPress plugin implementation..etc

Skills: Wordpress, PHP, Docker, AWS ECS, AWS cloudFront, AWS Elastic Transcoder, Cloudflare


Projects 01 00@2x 9a5a97084c8e268ae3725d8e03654d1815ae2eb597b59c292ae4d0beffa7b703

GOGOVAN owned pet-project. Issue GOGOENERY fuel card to offer a discount to drivers

Helped them to develop the landing page with ReactJS.

Skills: ReactJS


Projects 01 00@2x 9a5a97084c8e268ae3725d8e03654d1815ae2eb597b59c292ae4d0beffa7b703

OneSky a SaaS translation service platform. Which providing translation service to big clients

Working with them to maintain the system such as bug-fix and enhancement in the last 2 years and keep going. Their backend quite complex and included many microservice written by different programming languages (PHP, scala, nodejs, python, ruby... ).

I work closely with the customer success and sales team to resolve the client’s request, Also included bug fix and featured request. So, I needed to work on both frontend and Backend.

Skills: PHP, Zend, MySQL, Scala, MySQL, Postgresql, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis, AngularJS, ReactJS….

Nestle campaign site By HK01

Projects 01 00@2x 9a5a97084c8e268ae3725d8e03654d1815ae2eb597b59c292ae4d0beffa7b703

A mini-site to one-off campaign from nestle and HK01, simple web page to let users answer the questionnaire and lucky draw.

One-man project build with ReactJs, NEXTJS, mongoDB

Skills: ReactJS, NextJS, MongoDB

The-Unit-Store / Topologie By Working Unit LTD

Projects 01 00@2x 9a5a97084c8e268ae3725d8e03654d1815ae2eb597b59c292ae4d0beffa7b703

e-Comm marketplace located in Hong Kong to sell fashions

Both 2 site owned by Working Unit LTD and use shopify.

My main role is Frontend developer to update the theme with Liquid and Javascript

Skills: Javascript, Liquid, CSS

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