Roger Ho

Experienced Rich experience in frontend/backend/hybrid mobile development for over 5 years, working for individuals also Startup.

Co-founding a laundry delivery service startup which located in HongKong also responsible for all tech staff. 

Meanwhile, traveling between HongKong and Taiwan for associating a wine startup which joined AppWorks #15

Recently, I'm interested in Blockchain and Chatbot. 

[email protected]
(852) 6156-9064

(886) 901-128-202
Roger Ho

Hong Kong / Taiwan


Frontend: ES5, ES6, ES7, React, AngularJS, VueJS, Webpack

Backend: Java, PHP, Scala, Akka, NodeJS,  Lambda, GraphQL

Mobile: Ionic, React Native, Native Android, Veex

Database: MySQL, Oracle, Mongo, Redis, Postgresql

DevOps: Docker, Kubernetes, AWS related

(... and keep growing. :o) )


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Soft Butter Studio, Software Engineering director, 2017 - Present

Development studio based in Hong Kong, we specialize in creating the intuitive design and user-centered applications for web and device.

Tech Skills applied: NodeJS, PHP, WebSocket, WebRTC, Vuejs

Luna-Development Limited, Co-Founder, 2015 - Present

Aim to help the startup to deliver the technical solution with flexible timeline and budget. Tech guy to manage engineers and suggest solution/architecture that meets client's requirements 

Tech Skills applied: Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, Vanilla JS, CSS, Mobile, Ionic...etc
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OneSky, Software Engineer, 2013 - 2017

Provides seamless end-to-end localization solutions for thousands of mobile apps, games, websites, and businesses worldwide.

Responsible for many areas, included front-end, back-end engineering, system architecture design, recruitment and tech event organizer 

Tech Skills applied: PHP, Angular 1/2, React, Redux, Scala, Redis, MySQL, Postgresql, MongoDB, Microservices, GraphQL

MillionTech Dev., Analyst Programmer, 2011 - 2013

Provide effective and innovative suggestions with advanced technologies to fulfill your continuously growing business needs

Java and Web Developer needed to work on-site for enterprise and government department, like Li-Fung, HKEAA and housing authority. 

Tech Skills applied: J2EE, Spring framework, Oracle, jQuery

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o2o service. Collaborate with local laundry factory to laundry delivery service. Responsible to develop web landing, internal platform. ios/android hybrid app and reporting service.


Projects 01 00@2x 9a5a97084c8e268ae3725d8e03654d1815ae2eb597b59c292ae4d0beffa7b703

A free platform to help your validate free proxies based on the configuration you want. Aim to help you build scraping tool more easy and less cost.

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