Ronald Hsu

Full-Stack and Tech Lead. Ever developed 20+ programming languague with 1+ project to make integrated thinking over 10+ years experience. Now focus on web development to find out more deep problem to be solved, due to the difficulty make me achievement. My ambition is to make life better and sociality contribution.

[email protected]
Taipei, Taiwan


Web Development

  • Language: Ruby on Rails, Python on django, PHP with Laravel.
  • Tech & team lead 2 year+
    • 25,000+ ruby codes
    • code review
    • workshop mentor
    • leadership
  • E-commerce features
    • coupons
    • full-feature admin panel
  • Cashflow integration 5+ (included Paypal)
  • Shorten url with facebook sharing preview customization and promotion tracking
  • Epaper system
  • Crawler and parser for 30,000+ pages per hour
  • Elasticsearch
  • Concurrency processing with 
  • awesome-rails-gem projects with 2000+ github starts

Server Administration / DevOps

  • Have ability to build 10,000+ concurrency user architecture
  • AWS Solution: build a load balanced and auto scaling server architecture with ELB, EC2, S3, CloudFront, Auto-Scaling, OpsWorks, RDS, ElasticCache, VPC, and Route 53.
  • Web Socket Server Hosting with 1,000+ concurrence users.
  • Server Operation System Hosting: Ubuntu, Redhat, FreeBSD, Windows Server 2005+, ...
  • Deployment: Amazon Opsworks, Capstrano, Chef Slack Integration with 10+ services to improve operation and development cooperation. Mention bot for github project code reviewing


  • Second Place out of 13 teams, The 8th Utechzone Machine Vision Prize, UTECHZONE CO., LTD.
    • Live Face Recognition Competition for Identity recognition, Gender classification, Age estimation and Expression recognition with 30+ fps.
    • Accuracy: gender - 89%, age - 87%, facial expression - 85%, identify - 95%.
  • Best Undergraduate Research Award (研究創作獎), 2011 National Science Concil Undergraduate Research Program
  • 2011 TAAI Short Paper (number:86) - Simulation of Crowd Behavior with a Social Network Model.

iPhone / Desktop Application.

  • Ever developed iOS 5 apps.
    • Polashake (Polaroid-like)
    • Chalkcamera (Continuous shooting)
  • Java GUI application with 10,000+ codes programmed.
  • Windows Desktop Application with C#.
  • Kinect HCI
    • Concept: use your hand to control computer. 
    • Use palm to move mouse, fist to drag object, and two hands to scale a object.
    • Skill: C++, OpenCV, Win32 API, OpenNI, OpenGL, Image Processing



  • It's an independent crowdfunding tool, including cashflow, e-commerce feature (coupon, shopping cart, website template, team management), social media marketing, and promotion tracking.
  • Here is our result: 
    • Raised almost 8 millions through this tool.
    • Users: 140,000+
    • PV: 3.5+ million


  • A platform hourly collect project's statistics in 15+ crowdfunding platform to help tracking the trend of project or crowdfunding globally.
  • Our result: 
    • 15+ platform.
    • 40+ currency.
    • 0.15+ billion log data.
    • 20,000+ online projects.
    • 500+ thousand daily data.


  • A crowdfunding media blog in chinese market.


  • A bookmark sharing and syncing platform.
  • My job is to develop a desktop software that syncs users' bookmarks to our server and easily manages them.
  • Key features on this desktop software: local bookmarks syncing with server when updating, IE6 plugin


  • How to enjoy: choose mode of either Bigram or Longest_Path, click at map anywhere, click one of spots listed at right, click one of markers which started from the place you clicked before, search a place by name on the right-bottom map.
  • To recommend spot for user to planning one-day trip. Data source: flickr.
  • Functionality : List the nearest spot from user current location, Customize google map marker, use ajax to communicate with server, ...
  • Skills : Javascript/JQuery, Google map API, PHP, Python, HTML/CSS, mysql

Thanks for your reading

Diverse is for my experience, not only web development but also mobile app and desktop application. Recent 3 years, I am focusing on web development and DevOps to think deeply.

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