湯翔帆 Felix Tang

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Digital Product Manager in Taipei, Taiwan

  • Software product planning and iterative development. 
  • Design product features according to market analyst and customer needs.
  • Writing product documentation for inter-department communication.
  • Making product brief & website for external sales pitch purposes.
  • Capable of smoothly collaborating and effectively complete tasks through teamwork.
  • PMP certification. ( Credential ID:2698931)

Work Experience

May 2021 - Nov 2021 | JhihJhong in Taipei, App Product Manager

JhihJhong Ltd is from a Chinese group whose main business is third-party payment services of digital currency. We need to plan new functions to expand the customer base. My main task is to redesign the main App.


  • Work with stakeholders to prioritize needs and make proposals.
  • Produce product requirement documents (PRD) including wireframe.
  • Partner with the engineering team to communicate product design.
  • Collect customer feedback to perform product optimization.
  • New DCbox:A DeFi App that focuses on USDT,ETH payment and investment.  (B2C, B2B2C)

Jan 2017 - Dec 2020 | TideiSun in Taipei, Senior Product Manager

TideiSun Group is headquartered in Hong Kong, and its Taiwan branch is responsible for development. The company vision includes decentralized information and finance. I was responsible for managing the file storage products first, and started to be in charge of the blockchain services in early 2019. We had to continuously explore the opportunities of blockchain and have experienced the fields of L2 solution and Fintech .


  • Surveyed and researched the latest blockchain market trends and applications.
  • Made product strategy that aligned with business goals by combining market analysis and competitive analysis .
  • Translated product strategy into product requirements for MVP development.
  • Collaborated with architect, engineer, QA, and designer to carry on the iterative development of products.
  • Managed communications with partners, and developed collaboration plans with them.
  • Wrote the BP, PRD, and pitch briefing based on company or client needs.
  • iSunCloudiSunCloud aims to create a cloud storage network that eliminates the need for users to choose between privacy security and convenience. A specific application was to let users authorize their PC as private cloud.  (B2C)
  • Boltchain:A technical software service built with blockchain architecture. It was designed to alleviate the speed limit restrictions when implementing public blockchain like Ethereum and Bitcoin.  (B2B)
  • Helped company to raise funds from product planning to presentation in 2019.
  • Helped a client (fintech company) to successfully apply for the Taiwan's financial regulatory sandbox in 2020.

Feb 2014 - Jan 2017 | Foxconn in Kaohsiung, Product Manager

This department of Foxconn Group was built for SW development and apps integration with tablets. In 2016, our department desired to expand into cloud software services, then we designed, built, and then launched the Justup - File Sync & Sharing service. I have gone through the complete life cycle of this SaaS product.


  • Assisted in formulating product plans through corporate interviews and market research.
  • Collaborated with UX researcher and designer to output product wireframe and interface design. 
  • Coordinated engineering resources, function priorities and release timeline.
  • Worked with marketing team to design and support the promotional content.
  • Trained and led colleagues in China departments to execute on short-term App projects.


  • Justup:Justup is a personal cloud drive that is good at file management and sharing. It helps users sort and save files and find them quickly when necessary.  (B2C)
  • Justup Business:Justup Business is an enterprise cloud storage platform that specializes in file management and collaboration. It can be deployed in the form of cloud-based or on-premises.  (B2B, B2B2C)


  • Successfully promoted our file management service to list on the Government Procurement Platform in 2017.
  • Consecutively obtained personal performance A+ in 2015 and 2016.

Feb 2012 - Jan 2014 | Fougood in Tainan, Founder

In this startup I was a founding member, along with two co-founders. We wanted to build a social networking service for campus communities in Taiwan. I learned a lot relating to web2.0 development knowledge, and the spirit of "Lean Startup" during this experience.


  • Wrote our business plan and pitched it to obtain resources.
  • Developed our product concept and specification.
  • Designed and developed front-end web pages.
  • Planned and executed product promotion activities.
  • Found customers and negotiated to undertake software development projects.


  • Clubond:Clubond is a social network service that specifically meets the needs of campus clubs. The difference is that it can connect clubs to clubs.  (B2C)


  • Selected as a finalist in the Cheng Kung University's startup incubation program in 2012.

Sep 2010 - Aug 2011 | SUMIKA in Tainan, IE engineer

SUMIKA Tech is the production base of Japan's Sumitomo Chemical in Taiwan. It is mainly engaged in the production, research, development and sales of Polarizer and Color Filter. I worked in the Production Planning department as an industrial engineer.


  • Calculated and improved the working hours of the production process.
  • Collected and calculated weekly/monthly/quarterly KPIs of our department.
  • Identified and managed safety issues at the production sites.
  • Planned the production operation area and flow lines in the new factory.
  • Responsible for supervising a warehouse setting up process in the new FAB.

Product Management Skills

Business analysis, Competitive analysis, Marketing strategy, Product requirements, Product planning, 

Project management, Scrum framework, User experience, Prototype method, Presentation skills

Tools & Technologies

JIRA, Trello, Asana, Mantis, Redmine, Axure RP, Github, SQL, HTML5, CSS, Linux commands, Git commands, Windows/Google/Apple office suite


Sep 2005 ~ Jun 2009 | National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan, bachelor Industry Engineering and Engineering Management.

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