Hsieh Yi-yi

Taipei, Taiwan
[email protected]


Peking University. 2016 - 2018

MA in Archaeology and Museology.

MA Thesis: Study in the Conservation and Management of the Prehistoric Archaeological Caves in Guian New Area, Guizhou Province.

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UCL. 2011 - 2012

Graduate Diploma in Archaeology, focused on the archaeology theory and methodology.

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NCTU. 2007 - 2011

BA in Foreign Languages and Literatures, focusing on linguistics and phonetics.

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Work Experience

Academia Sinica,2019 / September  - 2020/October

Project Manager, National Biological Research Park Public Art Project, responsibilities including: 

  • contacting for persuading the participation of foreign artists, communicating with foreign agents; artists such as Spanish artist Juanjo Novella, and Israel artist Dani Karavan.
  • managing budgets and monthly KPI reports, tracking the progress of each construction work in the park.
  • proposing governmental procurement for the artwork restoration of the Taichi series by Ju Ming.

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新北市立十三行博物館,2019 / May  - 2019 / August

National Archaeological site Guardian, responsibilities including:

  • proposing exhibitions and educational programme contents, budget quotations, borrowing and managing artefacts from contributors and museums.
  • managing budget and weekly KPI reports regarding the archaeological site maintenance, and educational programmes.
  • quarterly reports on the Bureau of Cultural Heritage, organizing, writing and submitting quarterly reports.
  • conducting daily patrolling of the site and the Waziwei Pillbox.

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台南市文化資產管理處,2018 / July  - 2019 / Febuary 

Project Coordinator, responsibilities including:

  • Supervising the reconstruction and restoration progress on the site.
  • weekly progress reports and KPI reports.
  • managing budget expanses.
  • revising construction reports and administration works.

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Academia Sinica,2013 / January  - 2016 / June

Research assistant, Institute of Linguistics, responsibilities including:

  • Editing of language data collection. 
  • Editing and proofs of linguistic references on Formosan languages. 
  • Administrative help with various conferences and/or workshops organised by Elizabeth Zeitoun, among other 13-ICAL (2015/7/18-23). 
  • Composing brief English introductions on 13-ICAL conference excursions to Tainan Science Park Archaeological museum (please see the appendix for reference). 
  • 10 days of fieldwork in Namasia, Kaushiung (Dec. 2013). 

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English Skills




Personal Statement

My name is Hsieh Yi Yi, I graduated from the School of Archaeology and Museology, Peking University. My research topics focused on archaeological in-situ preservation and heritage studies. Relevant fieldwork experiences including archaeological caves preservation evaluation in Guizhou, City archaeology in Jinan, Shandong, and South-Silk Road Investigation in Yunnan Province. 

From the academical training, I am capable of working in a high-pressure and detail-driven working environment and competent in communicating and negotiating among different interest groups. During the field investigation, our team managed to investigate 50 different prehistoric caves (with average height 200m above the sea level) within one month, conducting evaluations including the surrounding landscape, cave geomorphology, and its GIS coordinator and orientation. While in Yunan south silk-road fieldwork, our team accomplished connecting dots from documentation at least 5k ancient trading route, showcasing the result by recording each GIS coordinator and map it onto Google Earth Satellite map. 

Outside the academic environment, I acquire the ability to analyze and prioritize the project goals, managing the time as well as the quality of the outcome. As a project coordinator in Tainan Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage, my main responsibility is to negotiate with different interest groups such as the Bureau of Culture Affairs, the proprietors, and the architects to maximize the renovation work that fulfils the policy and the ability to reuse. The experience in the museum allowed me to learn the organization of educational activity and the organizing procedure for an exhibition; I've organized 2 educational summer camps for high school students, and one exhibition presenting the Indonesian culture. 

It is from the experience in the museum that I come to realize the space design and the power it can bring to an event or an exhibition. It is also the experience that reminds me although I know how to find the right topic and content for an exhibition, I still need to know how to empower my ideas and impress the audience through the space design. Since then I've been training myself with the ability to drawing and design in terms of interior design and space design. I just attended the certification of interior design in October and still waiting for the result. But since I got the technique and skills of design and drawing, I am ready to devote myself into the field of exhibition design, and plan to participate the basic design for 2-4 years; after this stage, I plan to move onto the management work and further on establishing my personal studio.

Skills Acquired from previous projects

Exhibition Content Research

Competent in history and archaeology research, have a good commend in using relevant research methodologies and strategies.


Being able to analyze and evaluate the core value, igniting the speed of communication and the project procedures.

Construction management

Familiarized in governmental construction procedures, and able to practice each regulation and procedure independently. 

National Biomedical Research Park Public Art Project

Arrange procurement schedule, editing project proposal and budget control.

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Project 1 -Archaeological Conservation Summer Camp

Museum summer camp for high school students to taste the work of archaeology, museology and conservation work.

Project 2- Museum Guide Training Camp

Students focusing on getting to know the basic terms of archaeological terminology in English. Not only the basic knowledge, the understanding of archaeological equipment is essential to conduct a good research. Professional archaeologists from Academia Sinica are invited to give lectures on topics across the archaeological disciplines.

Tang Te-Chang Memorial Park Public Art Project

The project had been suspended for a year when I took over the responsibility of this project; the main reason lied in the manufacturing and quality issues. After 6 months of intense communication and on-site checking, the artwork finally stands on its feet in the center of the park.

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Fa-Hua Temple Urgent Roof Restoration

The roof broke after the heavy rain caused by the typhoon. Foreseeable danger required the immediate restoration, so we applied the governmental emergency budget and got it done within 3 weeks.

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Chen Chin-Xing House Re-Adaptive Restoration Project

Complex propriety rights and fragile structures, in addition to the rigorous heritage policies, the work required intensive communications with the architects, the owners, and our team members.

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Former Tainan Kaikosha Re-Adaptive Restoration Project

The former military club consists of three main buildings that now submerged by the surrounding residents. The current stage is finding the solution for adaptive reuse so the heritage could be preserved while slow down the deterioration.

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Interior Design Drawing Portfolio

To be a certified Interior Designer in Taiwan, it is necessary to practice a lot on the ability to hand drawing the architectural plan, the two-perspective drawing and the sectional drawing of furnitures.

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Business space design

Group topic: photography boutique, selling second-hand cameras combining wine bar.

Archaeological museum and anthropological exhibition proposal

2019 August special exhibition proposal, featuring Indonesia batik and traditional masks.

Archaeological education summer programme proposal

2019 summer programme for high school and college students, aiming to train the future archaeologists and museum specialists.

Archaeological site quarterly reports

the mid-term conference at the Bureau of Cultural Heritage, reporting the budget management, site maintenance, and the related programmes for promoting the archaeological education.

archaeological maintenance daily report

Daily site reports including the patrolling route using GIS tracking system, analysis of the environment, and the reporting of abnormal incidents.