HsienHao (Sam)  Hsu

I was an instructor in Dance Club, a theater assistant at Communication Department, and I was an international volunteer in Nepal. I believe that diverse background created diverse way of thinking. Which build up my core personality such as problem seeker and solver, enjoys challenge. Hope I can fully utilize data science skill and my personality to create value in the future


Master of Science in Statistics and Data Science.2019 - 2020                           

University of Houston.GPA: 3.8/4

Related Courses:Data Visualization, Data Mining, Deep learning, Neural Network,Big Data Analytics


Exchange Program.2018 - 2019                                                                           

University of Connecticut

Related Courses: Project Management, Algorithm, Manufacturing Engineering, Business Analysis


BS in Mathematical Sciences.Mathematical Finance Program.2014 - 2019

National Chengchi University

Related Courses: Data Structure, Financial, Investments, Financial Derivatives


Work Experience

Big Data Development @ TransGlobe Life Insurance.2020/08 - now

• Analyze the main selling product changes after the Premium cliff on early July
Establish a machine learning model by python and obtain the analytical base table from daily report forms to predict high potential existing customers for cooperated agents

• Double the cooperated agents' sales turnover rate than the agents who didn't work with us


Project Management Team @ DHL Express.2017/06 - 2017/09

 Created 1700 interaction points by interactive activities of six sigma tools (DMAIC, 5S, etc.)

• Improve employees’ efficiency by established database for Import Customs Charge Department



Python (Numpy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow, Keras) , R, C++, SQL, Spark, SAS, Tableau, Hadoop, AWS

Quantitative Projects 

Stock Price Predictor by ML 

• Built up a KRR model to predict stock price by other field relevant stock prices with 0.8% RMSE. Adjust the model by top 10 error cases.

Text Classification 

• Construct a 70% accurate rate classifier implement by Logistics Regression, Natural Language Processing to identify 2000 corpuses.

Digit Analysis Recognizer by Python 

• Apply KNN, SVM, PCA to identify tons of digits with 81.28% accurate rate

Marketing Advertisement Analysis 

• Formulate and visualize a marketing strategy by utilize EDA, K-Means and Hierarchical Clustering on customers' information to target market advertisement.

Deep Learning, Neural Network 

• Forecast stock price with 1.3% RMSE by using Auto Encoder technique and MLP predictor. Seek out the importance between each input and improve the algorithm.


1st PrizeTaiwan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Dual Information in Efficiency Analysis                                                   

• Improved about 20% efficiency of Chunghwa Telecom company by developing the dual problem of Data Envelopment Analysis; found the potential power for improving efficiency by dual, surplus and slack variables