LIN Cheng-Hsien (Sébastien)

HR Specialist at Air Liquide Taiwan.

Has experience in translation, editing, and journalism.

Speaks Taiwanese Mandarin, Taiwanese Hokkien, English, French, and Japanese.

📧 Email: linchenghsien [at] outlook [dot] com

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📍 Taipei, Taiwan (Time Zone: Taipei Time)


HR Specialist, Air Liquide Far Eastern (Taipei, Taiwan)
Jan 2020 - Present

  • Regular rotation between different functions of the HR division.


Freelance Translator
Nov 2014 - Sep 2019

HR Intern, Air Liquide Far Eastern (Taipei, Taiwan)
Jul 2017 - September 2017

  • Serving as an intern at HR and Internal Communication Department.
  • Responsible for training and internal communication.
    • Organization of training courses and internal events.
    • Promotion and maintenance of the company's employer brand.


Intern Journalist, CommonWealth Magazine (Taipei, Taiwan)
Jul 2015 - Jan 2016


Editor and Secretary-General, Stream Editing Group (Taichung, Taiwan)
Jun 2012 - Aug 2015

  • Co-founded Stream, a quarterly independent journal aiming to provide high school students with channels to acknowledge social issues, when graduating from high school.
  • Devoted to present social issues in approachable ways, including using beautiful designs, understandable infographics, and easy-to-read writing styles.
  • Successfully evoked a craze of discussions in TCFSH.
  • Stream is the Winner of "Student Journal of the Year" of the Student Editorial Award held by Big Issue Taiwan in 2012.
  • Main works includes:

Voluntary Paralegal to the Sunflower Movement Voluntary Legal Team, Judicial Reform Foundation (Taipei, Taiwan)
Dec 2014 - Jun 2015

Assisting the legal team with legal affairs concerning the 318 Anti-CSSTA Movement (aka Sunflower Movement) taken place in March, 2014.



Exchange student, Université Paris Diderot - Paris VII (Paris, France)
Sep 2018 - Jun 2019

Courses attended include French, Chinese-French translation, and sociology.

MBA in Service Science, National Tsing Hua University (Hsinchu, Taiwan)
Sep 2016 - Jul 2018

Specialized in marketing and service management. Course taken include:

  • Service innovation and design: Service Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship, User-centered Interaction Design.
  • Service marketing and management: Cross-cultural Marketing Communication, Social Network Analysis and Management, Digital Innovation and E-commerce.

BA in Sociology, and completed the Translation Program,
National Taiwan University (Taipei, Taiwan)
Sep 2012 - Jun 2016

Learned how the society is formed and what the relationship between individuals and the society is. Courses taken include:

  • Sociological theories & research methods.
  • Political economy: Sociology of Development, Seminar on Problems of Capitalism.
  • Management-related: Organizational Sociology, Sociology of Management.
  • Specific topics: STS, Social Psychology, Feminism, Food and Society, Seminar on Total Institutions, etc.

Also completed NTU's Chinese-English Translation Program. Courses taken include:

  • Translation theories.
  • Linguistics-related: Sociolinguistics, Hate Speech and Resistance Discourse (CDA).
  • Specific types of translation: IT Localization, Audiovisual Translation, News Compiling, Travel Writing.


Readings 00 00@2x

Association taïwanise des traducteurs de français

(August 2018 - )

Taiwanese Association of French Translators

Readings 00 01@2x

Social Studies Online

(December 2018 - )


Language Proficiency

  • Taiwanese Mandarin:
    Native speaker.
  • Taiwanese Hokkien:
    Advanced user.
  • English:
    IELTS 7.0 earned in October, 2015.
  • French:
    DALF C1 earned in May, 2019.
  • Japanese:
    JLPT N3 earned in December 2019.

CAT Tools

  • Trados
  • Idiom
  • Passolo
  • Wordfast
  • Smartling
  • Google Translator Toolkit
  • OmegaT
  • Subtitle Workshop

DTP Tools

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Corel PhotoImpact

Other Tools & Skills

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Basic JavaScript & jQuery
  • Basic Bootstrap
  • CyberLink PowerDirector

Publication: Translation

Readings 00 00@2x


Language: FR→TW

Original Title: Marx à la plage - Le Capital dans un transat

Author: Jean-Numa DUCANGE

Publisher: The Commercial Press (Taiwan)

Publication date: August 5, 2020

ISBN: 9789570532777

Details (ZH-TW)

Readings 00 01@2x


Language: FR→TW

Original Title: Schrödinger à la plage - La physique quantique dans un transat

Author: Charles ANTOINE

Publisher: The Commercial Press (Taiwan)

Publication date: September 5, 2020

ISBN: 9789570532807

Details (ZH-TW)

Readings 00 00@2x

A Cat May Look at a King
(Documentary Film)

Language: TW→EN

Original Title: 咪咪貓的奇幻之旅

Director: CHENG Chih-ming

Release date: June 2020

Running time: 25 minutes

World Premiere at Taipei Film Festival 2020.


Publication: Editing

Readings 00 00@2x

Social Studies Online

Original Name: 公民不下課

Producer: Social Studies Online

Role: Editor

Instagram page

Readings 00 01@2x


Original Name: 串流

Publisher: Stream Editing Group

ISSN: 2306-8469

Role: Editor and Secretary-General

Winner of "Student Journal of the Year" of the Student Editorial Award held by Big Issue Taiwan in 2012.

Read on Issue

Readings 00 00@2x


Publisher: National Taichung First Senior High School

Publication date: July 2012

ISBN: 9860332916

Role: Editor-in-Chief

Portfolio collection of the 7th Language-Talented Class, TCFSH

Readings 00 01@2x

Yu-Tsai Street #113

Original Name: 育才街 #113

Publisher: National Taichung First Senior High School

Role: Editor-in-Chief

The School's semi-annual publication

Details (ZH-TW)

Last update: Sep 4, 2020.

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