A recent graduated Master student in MSc. Computer Science (conversion) at University of Birmingham. Enthusiastic, diligent, trustworthy, proactive and attentive. Good working under pressure and focus on achieving the project perfectly.

Junior software Engineer ( JAVA / Python )
[email protected]



  • Chinese as the native language
  • Fluent English in writing and speaking 
  • Basic conversation in German

Office Software

  • Window office
  • ERP system of Data Systems Consulting Co., Ltd (Taiwan )
  • Google Doc

Computer Program

  • JAVA
  • SQL


MSc. Computer Science (conversion), University of Birmingham/ UK, Sep. 2019 - Sep. 2020

  • Dissertation: User's behaviour of recommender system on chatbot
  • Keywords: intent-based chatbot, flowed-based chatbot,
    content-based recommender system, TF-IDF algorithm, Word2Vec algorithm, Doc2Vec algorithm, NLP
  • Final project: https://github.com/hsinyichiu102/summer_project

Department of German, Tamkang University/ Taiwan, Sep. 2011- Jun. 2015

Exchange Student, University of Vienna/ Austria, Sep.2013- Jun. 2014 

Work Experience

Sales Account, MACAUTO Industry Co., LTD., Taiwan, Oct. 2015- Mar. 2018 

  • Sales Accounting for John Deere, AGCO, VW, and BMW group projects 

  1. Bidding quotation, gotten averagely 3 new projects each season
  2. communicating with customer to understand their demand, and negotiating the offer price.
    increasing by almost 1% per component for the frozen design in a project.

  3. Discussing with the internal team about the inquiry project, translating the car component standards from German/ English to Chinese, concluding the proposal from the RD team and persuade customer to accept our ideas. 
  4. Confirmed the sample delivery schedule with customers, arranging the delivery with forwarder and track the sample delivered on time. 
  5. Preparing the similar design product to fulfill the predicted inquiry project. 
  6. Collecting statistic and analyzing all product sale figures monthly 
  7. Handling the customer complaint

Project Manager, MACAUTO Industry Co., LTD., Taiwan, Oct. 2015- Mar. 2018 

  • Project manager for John Deere tractor, AGCO tractor, BMW group project 

  1. Estimate and control project cost and arrange the project schedule 
  2. Organize and manage the cross-functional teams. A good relationship and working environment built. 
  3. Using Microsoft Project to follow and control the milestone/ project schedule; successfully finished the projects on time 
  4. Weekly meeting with customers about project timeline and design 
  5. Decision-making of the project 

PR/ Event Coordinator Internship, 5XRuby CO., LTD., Taiwan, Jun. 2015- Sep. 2015

  1. Assistant holding Ruby conference and contact with foreign presenters 
  2. Promote the Ruby Conf. on FACEBOOK Fan group 
  3. Learnt the programming language RUBY

Experience in University

Executive Secretary, 
Green Ant volunteer trip

  1. Liaise with Sponsors/ Schools 
  2.  Copywriting and proposal

PUYI volunteer club

  1. Coordinate activities, including planning for volunteer trips and events. 
  2.  Copy & Proposal Writing for the volunteer events 
  3.  Communicate with team members and sponsors

Group Project

Projects 00 00@2x

Fake News Checker

A complete JAVA project with Client, Server, Database and GUI.

This program is to provide readers a reference to check if the news can be reliable or not.


Dissertation Project

Projects 00 00@2x

How's users' behaviour of Recommendation System on Chatbot

Two NLP system were implemented on FACEBOOK Messenger, TF-IDF and Word2Vec/Doc2Vec. There were two types of chatbot on the Messenger, one is flow-based chatbot with Word2Vec/Doc2Vec algorithm; the other is intent-based chatbot with TF-IDF. 

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