Hsin-Ping Lin

I am an experienced product designer. I have designed end-to-end solutions to benefit customers from large enterprises through to small businesses. I have strong communication skills and am an excellent collaborator with all stakeholders. Always seeking to expand on my knowledge and skills, I'm looking to share my knowledge to help grow companies, while building my professional career.

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Melbourne, AU


  • Help solve customer pain points by designing end-to-end software solutions to meet their needs. 
  • Create designs and workflows to suit multiple platforms, including responsive websites, iOS and Android apps, React Native apps, Windows 10, Smart Watch, Smart TV 
  • Created a design strategy for a startup from scratch, including reviewing for growth and managing the team's working efficiency. 
  • Created, shared and reviewed user journeys, user flows, low-fidelity wireframes, high-fidelity UI mockups, interactive prototypes and design systems which were used to communicate with internal teams and externally to clients.


Localz Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Apr 2017 - March 2020

UX / UI Designer

  • Achievements 
    • Design end-to-end software solutions for field service and retail customers.
    • Identified and evaluated inefficient business practices then recommend alternative business solutions 
    • Developed design systems and functional specifications for use by the pre-sales team, the marketing team, product managers, designers and developers 
    • Designed Localz Partner Portal for the UK client Maternaut, simplifying onboarding and set up of new customers.
    • Designed for Localz Collection products to make in-store click and collect seamless for Woolworth group customers and retail staff, including the attendant app, the customer web portal for check-in, and the business dashboard
    • Designed Localz field service products so consumers could receive day of service communications and track the arrival of a field service technician. This includes the customer web portal (Mobile website), the technician app (React Native app), and the business dashboard (Responsive website) for UK clients such as British Gas, HSS hire, Safelite, and RAC 
    • Worked closely with React and React Native development team 

Medipass solutions Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Apr 2017 - July 2018

User Experience Designer

  • Medipass was a new product team within Localz when I joined
  • Achievements 
    • Designed HICAPS Go mobile app to assist patients with private health insurance, assess their benefits before booking for an appointment. 
    • Designed Medipass online payment page to streamline claiming and payment for medical and allied health appointments. 
    • Designed Medipass scanning software tool (Optical Character Recognition) for Garrison Health Services to scan paper medical records into digital invoices. 
    • Illustrated Medipass customer success avatars to provide friendly and consistent customer experience
    • Worked with customer success lead, product director, and developers to provide solution which is implemented as seamlessly as possible for all audiences. 
    • Worked with clients and their customers to identify potential business problems and create digital solutions for their needs 
    • Consistent improving professional skills to adopt and work in a medical start-up environment

KKBOX Inc., Taiwan, Apr 2014 - Aug 2016

Product Designer

  • Design Lead for KKBOX app development on Windows 10, leveraging the UWP platform for mobile and desktop form factors. 
  • Design Lead for development on Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 devices  
  • Designed the KKBOX app for use on wearable devices such as Apple watch, Android Wear, smart TVs, and car entertainment systems 
  • Contributed to website and application design for our KKBOX partners: Uta Pass, City Talk and Hami+ for desktop and mobile form factors 
  • Constant collaboration with KKBOX product managers and engineers to support the continuous improvements of company products and services 
  • Created KKBOX MUSIC AWARDS 10 opening animation, viewed by over 100000 individuals 
  • Designed Emome Hami+ streaming music website player


Monash University, Melbourne, Feb 2017 - Dec 2018

Master of Information Technology

Honours: Faculty of Information Technology Merit Scholarship Relevant 

Coursework: Project management, software engineering, database analysis and processing (SQL), Internet applications development(C#), business intelligence and data warehousing, Android (Java) and iOS (Swift) development, data exploration and visualisation(R), distributed databases and big data(NoSQL)

Shih Chien University, Taiwan, Sep 2010 - Jun 2014

Bachelor of Fine Arts / Design Management Program 

Department of Communications Design

Honours: Scholarship granted to top 3 students in class Relevant 

Coursework: Integrated Creative Media Design, Digital Film Making, Marketing in Creative Industry, Design Management


The Byte, Monash University IT Faculty Newsletter, Jan 2018 - May 2018


  • Planned and allocated content for the publishing schedule, to determine content for inclusion in each edition 
  • Developed content section focusing on stories, challenges and insights from the perspective of students 
  • Managed queries sent to ‘Ask Hsin-Ping’ section and curating responses for publishing 


User Experience

  • Planning and running user testings 
  • Identifying and evaluating user requirements 
  • Conducting design workshops  
  • Illustrating user journey, process flows, and wireframe 

User Interface & Animations

  • Designing UI mockups and interactive prototypes for websites and mobile apps 
  • Defining design systems (design language) 
  • Up-to-date knowledge of design software and tools Sketch, InVision, Zeplin, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe After Effects

Soft skills

  • Strong communication skills to collaborate with various stakeholders 
  • Excellent time-management skills to deliver task on-time with high quality 
  • Excellent document-management skills 

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Localz Field Service Solutions

Designed the solutions to provide total visibility of the mobile workforce for UK clients such as British Gas, HSS hire, Safelite, and RAC. The products include:
  • Customer web portal (Mobile website) 
  • Technician app (React Native app) 
  • Business dashboard (Responsive website)
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Localz Collection Solutions

Designed to make in-store click and collect seamless for Woolworth group customers and retail staff. The products include:
  • Attendant app (React Native app) 
  • Customer web portal for check-in (Mobile website) 
  • Business dashboard (Responsive website)
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Localz Manager Dashboard

The website is designed to provide total visibility of the workforce for store or region managers to monitor job progress and details.

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21 Days Zero-Waste Challenge

This product video is created with After Effect in Oct 2018. The project 21 Days Zero-Waste Challenge is my master degree graduate project.
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Customer Service Avatar

Illustrated Medipass customer success avatars to provide friendly and consistent customer experience in 2018.
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Design KKBOX app for UWP 

Designed in 2016. This project demonstrated how I replicated an existing products into new platform guidelines.


Mandarin: Native,  English: Fluent

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